How Orange Grove used myQuest to Create New Revenue Streams and Expand to a Wider Market

Orange Grove Consulting is a woman owned talent management & leadership development consulting firm. Their tag line is “Talent Management Expertise & Specialty Leadership Development” and their goal is to make teams more effective and workplaces less divided. By looking at the processes, policies and the behavior of organizations they create engagement and inclusion in the workspace.

How does Orange Grove use myQuest?

Orange Grove uses myQuest to house all of their training content so it’s easily accessible by the trainees. They use a series of activities that reinforce the concepts they teach, and in turn this primes the learner for the next live workshop, whether in person or virtual. The workshops are often spaced out about a month apart, and myQuest allows a more dynamic delivery because it supports embedding content in their day to day activities, watching videos, and prompting the learners with questions and actions to take pre and post instructor their lead sessions. 

Prior to using myQuest:

  • Prior to using myQuest they had a private website where they would host the pre, intersession and post session work for their synchronized training, but they found that the website was clunky, difficult to navigate, and wasn’t engaging.

Concerns or Hesitations they faced when considering signing up for myQuest:

  • Initially they thought that it would be more work than what they had previously done.
  • They were worried it was going to present unnecessary technical challenges and unsure it would support the needs of their learners.
  • They had concerns about whether it would be easy to convert their content onto the platform.

Measurable Results from using myQuest:

  • It opened up new revenue streams through offering asynchronous training to a whole network of clients with smaller budgets.
  • It increased their bottom line with each training engagement because they are now able to charge a per head cost basis instead of a one off training delivery price. This is because the previous website system they used didn’t justify a cost per head for their training. 
  • Their facilitators can now better prepare for their synchronized sessions based on the data pulled from the pre-work done by learners.
  • Feedback from their surveys now show a big improvement in skill sets.

Their general feedback:

  • “We would recommend myQuest to anyone who would want to appear to be technologically savvy and having the latest and greatest, without needing to build everything from the ground up or needing to have a technical employee manage or be hired to support it.”
  • “It allowed us to create new revenue streams and it offers a lot more depth to training that we offer in person.”
  • “From both our own and the learners' perspective they find the platform to be very user friendly.”
  • “There is prompt technical support which has made it a very smooth and easy piece of technology for us to integrate into their business overall.”

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