What’s Unique About myQuest LMS

Building new skills isn't just about memorizing information; it requires real-life practice and intelligent personal feedback. myQuest LMS was designed to achieve this. With our “Quest Builder,” you can easily create gamified training experiences structured around practical activities. Each activity is followed by personalized feedback from an expert, peers, or an AI assistant trained on your content. We use advanced technology to return to the skill-building basics, now at scale.

The World’s Leading Companies Trust myQuest

Why Companies Choose myQuest

Business Results through Effective Learning

Traditional LMS platforms focus on memorizing information and often fail to make an impact. myQuest’s unique “Quest” learning format transforms learning into an active, engaging process with hands-on practice and personalized feedback, ensuring real skill development and measurable outcomes.

World-Class Content Creation and Support

Creating effective digital learning experiences requires advanced skills and can be incredibly time and resource-intensive. With myQuest, you get an experienced instructional designer to become your personal learning consultant. We build your first program for free and provide unlimited assistance, ensuring you're never alone in administration and content creation.

How myQuest Solves the Problems of Traditional LMSs

On one hand, myQuest turns learning into a fun and unforgettable experience. On the other hand, it provides you with the tools and support necessary to create those experiences in no time. Read on to discover how we accomplish this.

Turning Learning into a
Fun Experience That Sticks

Science-based active learning model

After years of research, we developed the AFT Learning Model. This model is being used by top neuroscientists and companies to create long term behavioral change and knowledge retention. The model revolves around three main components:

  • Action - Transform passive content into activities
  • Feedback - Provide feedback & reinforcement on each action
  • Trigger - Trigger learners to take the next step
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Active learning and application

Most traditional LMSs deliver learning in a passive way. That means that more than 75% of learners will forget what they learned in less than one week after the training. Our approach is "learning by doing". With the myQuest LMS you can transform passive course content into activities and habits so your training programs lead to a long-lasting behavioral change.

Personal and group coaching

myQuest LMS allows you to coach people not just during in-person sessions but also during a self-paced learning process. Using our suite of coaching and peer learning tools, you can keep learning personal and social even when you are not next to your learners.

AI-Powered Feedback

Utilize AI to provide personal feedback at scale. myQuest trains AI on your content, allowing you to use it as your assistant, suggesting feedback, or as a fully automated process where learners receive feedback on every activity they complete during the program.

Hybrid training experience

Create a blended learning journey through the myQuest LMS. This means that virtual meetings can be integrated as part of self-paced training, allowing learners to actively participate and complete training-related activities all in one platform.


myQuest LMS introduces learning as a game rather than a library of content. Each course becomes a Quest, and learners earn points and unlock challenges for completing their assignments. With myQuest’s gamified interface, learning is not only fun and engaging, but also effective and impactful.

Social learning

myQuest encourages real social learning through its learning community, buddy system, and coaching features. By creating a social learning environment, learners can inspire each other and are more likely to participate and engage in the training. 

Habit-formation tools

Building and sustaining new habits is crucial for achieving long-term success in learning and personal development. To support learners in establishing positive habits, myQuest provides a range of powerful habit-formation tools. These tools are designed to help individuals consistently engage in desired actions, reinforce learning, and drive behavior change.

Customized and personalized notifications

Timely and relevant communication is key in driving learner engagement and motivation. Our platform offers customized and personalized notifications, both within the platform itself and via email, to ensure learners stay connected, informed, and inspired throughout their learning journey.

Designed for any device

With myQuest's mobile-first design, learners can seamlessly integrate learning into their daily lives. The platform is built with a responsive design that adapts to different screen sizes, ensuring an optimal viewing experience for learners on smartphones and tablets.

This Is What Award-
Winning Experience Looks Like

The user experience that myQuest offers, as well as the quality and simplicity of its interface, is what made us make the switch from our old LMS to the myQuest system.”
Richard Mundon
Digital Innovation Specialist at TACK & TMI
The use of the myQuest platform allowed Chiesi to increase collaboration amongst their employees and improve relations with internal and external stakeholders .”
Chiesi Group
International pharmaceutical Group certified B Corp.
The myQuest interface is clean, easy to navigate, and highly engaging. We would definitely recommend myQuest to any organisation who’s looking to deliver training in an effective way.”
Dr. Vesna Schaefer
Global Head of Digital Training Delivery at Henkel
myQuest is exactly what we needed when trying to replicate our in-person courses online. I needed a tool that is highly experiential and highly interactive.”
Dez Stephens
Founder & CEO at Radiant Coaches Academy
myQuest allowed Clalit to maximize its training ROI. 100% of the employees who participated in the training completed it successfully.
Ofer Kenig
L&D Project Manager at Clalit Health Services
We have solved several engagement problems by having a self-paced tool. It also means that we can supplement group coaching and offer more opportunities for participants to hone their skills. This is a great way to help participants be more mindful of what they are learning and to reflect on their development and it gives us the opportunity to offer some personalized interaction with each user through the 1:1 coaching option.”
Ruth Pearce
CEO/Founder at ALLE LLC & VIA Institute
I love the software's interactivity, the user-friendly and beautiful design, and the personal coaching and the community features. The features and usability of the software allow me to add different activities that are suitable for different learning styles. The interface is addictive for learners. Every lesson is a Mission that encourages an active learning experience.”
Dasi Noy
COO at Biz Order
This product has given my company the edge, we are offering a service that no other educational body is currently providing. The community and 1:1 page provides us with an interactive service that can be delivered online, saving us time and money.”
Susan Adams
Founder of Education for Sustainability CLG
The greatest part about the platform is the ability to take our training fully online. No more scheduling flights, making sure there's enough booking for a training session, or taking risks in filling classes. Everything is fully automated, and the gamification function puts each mission into bite-size portions that aren't as overwhelming to the learner. On top of that, the team at MyQuest has been super responsive and worked with me through every obstacle as I've built the course.”
Dr. Josh Ramirez
President at Institute for Neuro & Behavioral Project Management
myQuest is a powerful online training platform promoting habitual changes.”
Erikson Neilans
Neuroscience Specialist
It is built for action-learning/microlearning. Easy to break content into bite-size pieces and then have the learner go out and practice and then come back to reflect. Supports 1-1 coaching and peer coaching from fellow learners. Easy to set up and create content too. Most importantly, my users consistently tell me it is one of the best learning programs and platforms they have ever used.”
Tom Rausch
Director of Consulting at Barrett Values Centre
As we created our first training projects, myQuest allowed us to easily create, update and edit our course material while being extremely cost-effective for our company. The customer service is OUTSTANDING and the communication from the myQuest team is simply some of the best I've ever experienced. If you are building training or support modules, start here. We had a fantastic experience with myQuest!”
Mary Beth H.
CEO/Founder at TITAN Aesthetic Recruiting
myQuest has provided my certification training program with a flexible, highly customization and user-friendly platform. I find it extremely easy to navigate the platform myself, make changes and adjustments to better meet my client’s needs, and keep my program continually evolving and improving. My clients like the clean and simple interface and find the platform easy to navigate. The team at myQuest are lovely to work with, and responsive to requests for support and assistance. All up, a really positive experience for my consultancy.”
Dr Beatrice Hofmeyr
Founder and Managing Director at Hofmeyr Group
Easy-to-Use Administration Tools & Personal Support 

Intuitive and user-friendly authoring tool

Our course builder makes it super easy to create content using a simple drag and drop functionality and a modern interface. We mean it when we say you can create an amazing training program in less than an hour.

Personal learning consultant

We offer continuous support from an instructional designer with extensive experience working with hundreds of companies. Your learning consultant will build your first program for free and provide ongoing assistance with content creation and any technical questions or requests, ensuring your training programs are both effective and engaging.

Free content library

myQuest offers a library of pre-made courses for free so that our clients can quickly start training. This library has a variety of courses to choose from, including leadership training, sales training, compliance courses, and more. Our library can help you save time and effort by using ready-made courses instead of having to create training content from scratch.

Content writing services

We know that creating engaging and effective learning content is a time consuming task. Our team of learning and engagement experts is happy to make your life easier by building content that really makes an impact.

Analytics and reports to measure and improve performance

myQuest LMS gives you access to powerful analytics and insights into each trainee's engagement and activity. Get full visibility on what's going on when you are not next to your learners and improve the ROI and results of your training.

Countless integrations to centralize your learning initiatives

Enjoy streamlined workflows, automated processes, and a holistic learning experience as myQuest seamlessly integrates with your existing systems, empowering you to maximize efficiency, productivity, and success.

White-labeled solution

Customize your training environment to perfectly fit your organization's brand. From domain integration to branding colors and logos, myQuest allows you to create a cohesive learning experience that reflects your unique identity.

What Our Customers Say About Our Support and Administration

The admin side of the platform is effortless. We have all the tools on-hand to build a new Quest instantly. This allows us to provide our clients a link to sign up and start learning at once.”
Livia Vernon
Director of Learning & Development at Jucari Global
myQuest staff have been super helpful in supporting my process of learning and playing with their system to figure it out. They are always quick to respond with cheerful help.”
Jonathan Reams
Associate Professor at NTNU
Fast and easy to use bomb proof software, well supported by an amazing team of people that love learning”
Kirsten Garbini
CEO at Dineo
myQuest has been very customer focused and provides responsive customer service. They’re always making the platform better and seek input from customers.”
Diane Brochu King
Social Intelligence Coach, Trainer and Facilitator
myQuest LMS is very easy to use. It is easy to upload different formats of content and it looks very professional. The customer support is great.”
Cherise Nortje
Program Manager, Coach, and Facilitator at Aephoria Partners
Great customer service, great product. My learning consultant was there whenever I had a question or concern”
Brence Turner
Senior Manufacturing Instructor at MFGREN
myQuest is great value for money. The software is intuitive to use and manage. The support team is very helpful and accommodating of random queries.”
Chris Milliner
Director atPerformance Climate System Ltd
myQuest is user-friendly on the administrative side which we appreciate; customer service is wonderful.”
Keely Denenberg
Senior VP - Client Solutions at Orange Grove Consulting
I appreciate that I don't need much technical experience in order to create a great, engaging learning experience. I created our first course in 36 hours one weekend.”
Dr. Kristen Liesch
Co-CEO at Tidal Equality
The "Quest Builder" is so intuitive that you can't help but create an effective pathway for the learner to not only grasp the content but then put it into practice. I was admittedly worried in the beginning that using this software to deliver our training content would be "over my head" -- but the developers have made it so easy to navigate. It works intuitively for me as the content developer as well as for the end user.”
Sue Tetzlaff
Co-Founder and Principal at Capstone Leadership Solutions
The team at MyQuest is world-class. The software is super simple to use and help is always a call away. The format is unique (in many important ways) compared to others I have used. AND THE UPDATES AND NEW FEATURES COMPARE TO THOSE YOU'D EXPECT FROM A FORTUNE 500 COMPANY!”
Julie Kowalski
Founder & Chief Performance Strategist at Creative Partnerships Inc. 
myQuest support is super responsive - like within an hour if I need assistance. The training was great and they provide regular information for our business to get more value out of the platform. Building classes is very easy, no special IT/code skills required.”
Stephanie Simmons
Managing Partner at Profitability Works Inc.

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