The first ever action-based learning platform that delivers real, engaged learning

myQuest helps you create meaningful learning
experiences, bolstered by feedback, coaching, and peer mentorship.

Experience-BASED learning

Unlike content-based platforms, myQuest helps you create personalized and
contextualized learning. Backed by science
and powered by analytics, our solution means people learn more effectively in less time.

Used by more than 200 companies


Online learning is broken, with next to no engagement, poor completion rates — and you can forget about ROI. Our solution gets twenty times higher engagement and completion rates than an LMS. It unsucks online learning. And that’s no small thing.

Scalable solution

With myQuest’s solution, you
can train hundreds, or even
thousands of employees at the
same time.

Full white label solution

Fully customized training platform
with your branding, colors, and

Long-lasting success

Using advanced habit-formation
tools, employees are able to easily
form new productive habits.

Engage trainees 24/7

Automatically engage and interact with employees, even while you're away.


Use the power of games to motivate and incentivize employees towards success.

Mobile-first design

Intuitive and beautiful layout that
facilitates more effective

Go global

Train teams and employees all over the world, no matter where they are.

Measure your impact

Analyze the results of your training in real time and measure effectiveness.

Train on-the-go

Allow employees to access the training anytime, anywhere.

CREATE Effective training programs

Easily build beautiful, high-converting sales pages. Choose your theme, insert your content, and allow your clients to purchase your Quests.

Share your knowledge. Inspire others. Make a difference.

Join our growing community of business trainers and consultants


We partner with executive coaches, career coaches, performance coaches, and leadership coaches who wish to grow their business online.


Whether you’re a weight-loss coach, a nutritionist, or a wellness expert – with myQuest you can create amazing health and wellness Quests to support your clients.


Whether you wish to teach meditation, Chi Kung, or Buddhist philosophy – myQuest is the perfect solution for spiritual coaches who wish to reach more people.


From yoga to running. From pilates to functional training. myQuest supports fitness coaches of all fields of expertise.


Turn your wisdom and insights in the parenting field into an online product that’s easy to create, market, and sell.


Are you a beauty expert? A stylist? A chef? Create a lifestyle Quest using your knowledge and experience and scale your lifestyle business online.

The science behind myQuest

When we started myQuest, we set out to create a better way to learn online. In the past 6 years, and based on hundreds of training programs, we developed the AFT learning model. This powerful model divides the learning process into three simple steps and results in 20X higher engagement and completion rates.

Choose your solution

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Grow your coaching business with your own branded coaching app.

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myQuest for

Business trainers

Engage clients before, during, and after training sessions.

myQuest for


Deliver a fun and effective training experience to customers and employees and customers.



Provide learners with a captivating training experience across desktops, tablets, and mobile phones. Send automatic feedback and reminders based on user progress and achievements.