Case Studies

How Henkel Used myQuest to Train Sales Professionals and Increase Sales

"The myQuest interface is clean, easy to navigate, and highly engaging. We would definitely recommend myQuest to any organization who’s looking to deliver training in an effective way."
Vesna Schaefer
Global Head of Digital Training Delivery
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How Chiesi Farmaceutici Used myQuest to Increase Collaboration and Maximize Employee Efficiency

"The use of the myQuest platform allowed Chiesi to increase collaboration amongst their employees and improve relations with internal and external stakeholders."
Chiesi Farmaceutici
Pharmaceutical company
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How TACK & TMI Used myQuest to Centralize Their Learning Processes

"The user experience that myQuest offers, as well as the quality and simplicity of its interface, is what made us make the switch from our old LMS to the myQuest system."
Richard Mundon
Digital Innovation Specialist at TACK & TMI
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How Clalit Used myQuest to Close Knowledge Gaps & Train Hundreds of Healthcare Providers

"myQuest allowed Clalit to maximize its training ROI. 100% of the employees who participated in the training completed it successfully."
Health Service Organization
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How Adept Leadership Translated Learning to Application to Produce Results for Their Clients

"With the myQuest Learning Platform, participants are more fully engaged, are active in the practice portion, and have fun doing it."
Paul DePalma
CEO at Adept Leadership
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How Capstone Leadership Successfully Converted Their Face-to-Face Training to Virtual Training

“We are delighted by the advancements of myQuest which allow us to totally change our delivery model to something that is pandemic-proof -- and even more scalable and efficient than our current approach.”
Sue Tetzlaff
Co-founder and Principal at Capstone Leadership
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How APA Solutions Used myQuest to Deliver Their Brain-Based Training

"The analytics feature has been a very helpful way for us as well as leaders to monitor user progress within the training. This allows us to effectively and strategically provide additional assistance to each organization we coach."
Erikson Neilans, Ph.D.
Neuroscience Specialist at APA Solutions
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How Neta Golan Increased Her Course Completion Rate Up to 70%

“myQuest is much easier to navigate than other alternatives. Before myQuest I had to do everything myself, but now, I have constant backup and support.”
Neta Golan
Weight-loss Coach
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How Tardus Scaled Their Training Business During a Global Pandemic

"Our clients have always gotten good results, but now they see them faster due to the education Tardus has been able to provide them through myQuest. We’ve been able to scale quickly, and with better results for our coaches and clients."
Tanisha Souza
Chief Wealth Coach at Tardus
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How Radiant Coaches Academy Is Using myQuest to Deliver Training Worldwide

“myQuest is exactly what we needed when trying to replicate our in-person courses online. I needed a tool that is highly experiential and highly interactive."
Dez Stephens
Founder & CEO at Radiant Coaches Academy
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How Liz Josefsberg is Helping Her Clients Succeed on a Daily Basis

“Since working with myQuest, I have seen great results. Not only are my clients succeeding in their goal to lose weight, but they are actually enjoying themselves!”
Liz Josefsberg
Weight-loss coach
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How Eran Stern Is Keeping Clients Engaged Over Years Using myQuest

“myQuest helped me overcome challenges I’ve had with my previous systems. I can now quickly see my clients’ progress, if they have any questions, or if they need extra guidance.”
Eran Stern
Business Mentor, Author and Speaker
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How The Journey Utilized myQuest to Access a New and Larger Audience

“myQuest effectively makes The Journey available to millions, in a fun and gamified way, largely expanding our audience and increasing our success.”
Daniel Wagner
Director of Marketing and Business Development at The Journey
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