How myQuest Helped Tack TMI Boost
Training Engagement & Completion Rates

How Tack TMI used myQuest to create ease and efficacy with their digital learning delivery

About Tack TMI

Tack TMI help people and organizations thrive through their Learning and Development solutions. With over 110 years combined experience and expertise, they are the trusted global partner to some of the world’s leading organizations.

The company offers HR related services, including temporary and permanent staffing, advanced outsourcing, search and selection, outplacement and HR Consulting. They have formed a global network with more than 800 consultants, trainers, facilitators and instructional designers, each bringing unique expertise in Tack TMI’s specialist learning and development focus areas.

How does Tack TMI use myQuest?

Tack TMI used myQuest to deliver multiple training programs to large organizations. Those programs include Handling Sales Objections, Effective Sales Management, Solutions-Based Selling, Risk Management, and more.

Prior to using myQuest:

  • Tack TMI was using several different LMS solutions, making it very difficult to manage their training.
  • These systems also required training time for employees to be able to use effectively, making it harder for them to be used in all engagements and environments.
  • Their digital learning architecture was geared to simply providing access to the content.

Hesitations that came up when considering signing up for myQuest:

  • Tack TMI weren’t sure myQuest was mature enough of a company to support their high-level engagements.
  • Having worked with learning solutions in the past with poor results, they simply weren’t sure if myQuest was going to make enough of a difference for their clients to justify its cost.
  • A lot of their digital content was passive and spread across different learning systems with different tracking and output.

Measurable Results from using myQuest:

  • Centralized their digital learning content from their different LMS solutions into myQuest.
  • Allows their trainees to access the content from any device, drastically improving its accessibility.
  • Accessible to all their global partners because of the multilingual interface available.
  • Trainers managed to get their entire team up to speed with the platform in a single day (as opposed to weeks) and in the first two weeks, they received overwhelmingly positive feedback from clients on ease of use of the platform and engagement with it.
  • Tack TMI saw an increase in learning engagement, completion, and knowledge retention rates in just a few weeks.
  • Tack TMI training is now available on demand because of the myQuest mobile first design, and this has completely changed the learning experience for their users.

Tack TMI’s general feedback:

  • “myQuest assigned us a project manager who worked us to transform content into an actionable, micro-learning journey. “
  • “myQuest also helped train our managers and partners on how to build training programs, manage them, and access user data and analytics. ”
  • “We’re confident that with myQuest’s scalability, we’ve chosen the right solution to drive the company forward and reach a bigger audience. ”

Richard Mundon
Digital Innovation Specialist at Tack TMI
"The user experience that myQuest offers, as well as the quality and simplicity of its interface, is what made us make the switch from our old LMS to the myQuest system."