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myQuest Webinar: How to Build Engaging Training Programs

August 20, 2021
We will showcase how you can build an engaging training program with some best practices as well as using the myQuest blended learning platform.

myQuest Webinar: How to use myQuest to Maximize your Value to your Customers

August 18, 2021
There are so many ways that myQuest can benefit you, your employees and clients. Watch this webinar to see if you are maximizing the value offered to customers.

myQuest Webinar: How to Build a Mini-Quest

August 17, 2021
A webinar on how to build an effective mini-quest to showcase your online product offering.

myQuest & Fulcrum Webinar: Learning in the Flow of Work

July 26, 2021
Find out what does "learning in the flow of work" means and how this can assist your employees and clients with online learning and interactive coaching.

Video: myQuest Learn Platform Demo

April 5, 2021
In this demo you will learn all about the challenges of online learning and how myQuest can help you solve them and increase your training engagement, completion, and knowledge retention rates.

Webinar: How to Deliver Learning Effectively in the Flow of Work

April 4, 2021
This webinar with Donald H Taylor was developed to help L&D professionals improve organizational learning outcomes and translate learning into business results.

eBook: Action-Based Learning — The Future of Corporate L&D

April 4, 2021
Learn why content-based learning fails to create impact, and how you can use action-based strategies to achieve the learning outcomes you’re after.

eBook: How to Deliver Learning Effectively in the Flow of Work

April 4, 2021
In this eBook, you will learn how to deliver learning in the flow of work and create a true learning ecosystem in your organization. 

Webinar: How to Use the myQuest Automated Notifications System to Increase Learning Engagement

March 30, 2021
Learn how to create notifications that keep learners engaged and motivated at all times.

eBook: Corporate Learning Experience – Ticking the Boxes vs Real Outcomes

March 22, 2021
Download our new eBook and learn how to build a learning ecosystem that demonstrates outcomes and value. Take your corporate learning experience to the next level!

Infographic: Why Traditional Online Learning Fails

March 22, 2021
This infographic outlines the benefits of action-based learning and how it can help create greater impact.

Infographic: How to Keep Training Effective When Switching to an Online Format

March 8, 2021
In this infographic we show you how to turn in-person training into an online training program in five steps without compromising effectiveness and outcomes.
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