Webinar: Learning is a Process, Not An Event

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November 3, 2021
Edan Kertis
CEO at myQuest

myQuest & Capstone Webinar: Learning is a Process, Not An Event

In this webinar, presented by Sue Tetzlaff (Capstone Leadership Solutions - Principal) and Edan Kertis (myQuest - CEO), you will learn:

  • Why do many online training programs fail to engage their audience?
  • Best practices to overcome these learning experience challenges and create effective training programs.
  • How the AFT Model works as a learning solution. 
  • Live examples of how Capstone Leadership Solutions uses the myQuest platform to achieve their learning objectives of transforming healthcare organizations. 
  • What is the future of corporate learning? 
  • What does "learning in the flow of work" mean? 

Introduction to myQuest Connect - an AI app that works within Microsoft Teams which enables learning by allowing you to connect employees in their work environment with experienced colleagues to help solve work-related challenges and questions. By connecting employees together, we also create an organizational FAQ, so for every question that was asked in the past, we automatically direct employees to the right solution which achieves continuous learning.

To watch the webinar recording - click this link

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