Deliver Learning Effectively in the Flow of Work

myQuest Connect helps you improve employee productivity and translate learning into business results.

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Connect Employees. Improve Business Outcomes.

myQuest Connect allows you to connect employees with experienced colleagues to solve specific work and training-related challenges.

How It Works

Submitting a Question

Whenever employees face a challenge at work, they can anonymously submit it to the myQuest Connect app.

Connecting Employees

Our AI algorithm identifies the right person in the organization that is available and can help with the challenge, and then connects the two employees through your communication platform.

Reports & Analytics

Managers receive reports and intelligence around skill gaps employees have and who the key employees who help close these gaps are. 

Positive Recognition

Once a challenge is resolved, the person who helped solving it receives positive recognition and is able to showcase their expertise and  contribution to the organization. This encourages employees to help each other.

Transform Learning With myQuest Connect

Real-time Reports & Analytics

Receive automated reports to understand the challenges employees face and the impact of the solution on employee performance.

Flexible & Scalable

Get a flexible and scalable way for employees to support each other. The solution improves employee productivity, expertise, and performance.

Motivation & Collaboration

Increase employee motivation and improve collaboration across the organization. Build a true learning culture that gives people the tools they need to succeed.

Integration With Microsoft Teams

Use myQuest Connect to boost knowledge sharing in the organization while empowering key employees to expand their influence.

Deliver Learning Effectively in the Flow of Work

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Scalable solution

With myQuest’s solution, you
can train hundreds, or even
thousands of employees at the
same time.

Full white label solution

Fully customized training platform
with your branding, colors, and

Long-lasting success

Using advanced habit-formation
tools, employees are able to easily
form new productive habits.

Engage trainees 24/7

Automatically engage and interact with employees, even while you're away.


Use the power of games to motivate and incentivize employees towards success.

Mobile-first design

Intuitive and beautiful layout that
facilitates more effective

Go global

Train teams and employees all over the world, no matter where they are.

Measure your impact

Analyze the results of your training in real time and measure effectiveness.

Train on-the-go

Allow employees to access the training anytime, anywhere.

CREATE Effective training programs

Easily build beautiful, high-converting sales pages. Choose your theme, insert your content, and allow your clients to purchase your Quests.