The Upgrade Your LMS Has Been Waiting For

myQuest Connect integrates your LMS with your everyday communication tools, making it fun and easy for employees to learn and engage.

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Deliver LMS content through Microsoft Teams or Slack

Create meaningful discussions & knowledge sharing communities

Automatically engage learners through competitions, reminders, and mentorship programs

Showcase training ROI to managers through automated reports and analytics

Turn training into a collaborative experience

myQuest Connect creates a continuous learning experience by connecting your LMS with your employees’ communication tools. It automatically tracks user progress and engages learners in a way that’s tailored to their needs, goals, and performance.

See how myQuest Connect
enhances any training program

Compliance training

We all know that when it comes to compliance training, employees rarely feel engaged or motivated to complete their courses. myQuest Connect turns any boring training into a gamified process. Through your communication tool, myQuest Connect holds competitions between teams and employees, gives rewards, and increases motivation.

Soft skills

myQuest Connect helps you create meaningful learning experiences by delivering feedback, coaching, and peer mentorship through your communication tool. Unlike the isolated LMS learning experience, myQuest Connect turns the training into a shared process that increases engagement

Professional training

myQuest Connect encourages employees who participate in professional training to share knowledge with each other. When a need arises, myQuest Connect recognizes it and prompts learners to help and support their peers.


With myQuest Connect, new employees get the support they need to successfully blend in the organization. New hires are paired with mentors from the organization to help them complete their onboarding training in the best way possible.

Put learning at the forefront

Receive real-time reports

myQuest Connect sends automated reports to managers, allowing them to understand the effectiveness of each training program and see how it impacts employee performance.

Implement in minutes

With myQuest Connect, there’s no need to install a new software or switch to a new LMS. Our tool integrates with your existing systems in a matter of minutes, so you can continue business as usual.

Make learning accessible at all times

myQuest Connect puts learning at the forefront by bringing it to the place your employees spend most of their time (and no, it’s not the LMS).

Encourage knowledge sharing

Use myQuest Connect to increase knowledge sharing in the organization while empowering key employees to expand their influence.

Build a learning culture

myQuest Connect creates a learning-centered work culture that gives your workers the tools they need to be successful.

Transform your organization with myQuest Connect

Integrate your LMS and collaboration platform  to drive performance

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Scalable solution

With myQuest’s solution, you
can train hundreds, or even
thousands of employees at the
same time.

Full white label solution

Fully customized training platform
with your branding, colors, and

Long-lasting success

Using advanced habit-formation
tools, employees are able to easily
form new productive habits.

Engage trainees 24/7

Automatically engage and interact with employees, even while you're away.


Use the power of games to motivate and incentivize employees towards success.

Mobile-first design

Intuitive and beautiful layout that
facilitates more effective

Go global

Train teams and employees all over the world, no matter where they are.

Measure your impact

Analyze the results of your training in real time and measure effectiveness.

Train on-the-go

Allow employees to access the training anytime, anywhere.

CREATE Effective training programs

Easily build beautiful, high-converting sales pages. Choose your theme, insert your content, and allow your clients to purchase your Quests.