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“The greatest part about the platform is the ability to take our training fully online. No more scheduling flights, making sure there's enough booking for a training session, or taking risks in filling classes. Everything is fully automated, and the gamification function puts each mission into bite-size portions that aren't as overwhelming to the learner.”

Dr. Josh Ramirez
President at Institute for Neuro & Behavioral Project Management

Why myQuest is the Perfect Partner for Training Companies

Training companies often face a challenge when it comes to expanding while maintaining high-quality training. Everyone wants the best trainer, but serving more clients without compromising quality can be tricky. That's where myQuest comes in. We specialize in helping training companies scale up without sacrificing the quality of their training. We focus on making training personal, fun, and engaging, allowing you to grow your business while keeping your standards high.

The World’s Leading Companies Trust myQuest

How Training Companies Use myQuest to Scale

Standalone Online Product

Training companies utilize myQuest as a standalone online product to efficiently reach a broader audience and deliver high-quality training experiences.

Blended Experience with In-Person Consulting

For a comprehensive approach, training companies seamlessly integrate myQuest with offline consulting services, providing participants with a versatile learning experience that combines the benefits of online and offline learning.

Key Features

Whether you're using myQuest as a standalone solution or for a blended learning experience, our features can help you deliver an outstanding training experience to your clients.

Fun and Gamified Experience

Social Learning Environment

Habit Formation Tools

Action-based Learning

AI-Assisted Coaching

Hybrid Learning

Cohort-based learning

Intuitive and User-friendly Authoring Tool

Personal Learning Consultant

Real-time analytics and reports

Countless Integrations

White-labeled Solution

Case Studies

"myQuest is not really a traditional LMS, it’s a learning platform. LMSs are all about reporting bums in seats, myQuest is all about learning and engagement"
Anna Dewar Gully
Founder and Co-CEO of Tidal Equality
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"The way myQuest is designed to package training has enabled us to provide all the resources and support that the team needs, right at their fingertips. The multi-use of the system for us is just unbelievable."
Sue Tetzlaff
Co-founder and Principal at Capstone Leadership
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"myQuest is perfect for companies wanting to offer training to very busy clients that do not have a lot of time to pull personnel out of their day-to-day careers but still want to provide a robust training opportunity for their employees."
Michael Kanaby
Managing Partner/Co-Founder at Profitability Works
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This Is What Award
Winning Experience Looks Like

This product has given my company the edge, we are offering a service that no other educational body is currently providing. The community and 1:1 coaching provides us with an interactive service that can be delivered online, saving us time and money.”
Susan Adams
Founder of Education for Sustainability CLG
myQuest is a powerful online training platform promoting habitual changes."
Erikson Neilans
Neuroscience Specialist
My users consistently tell me it is one of the best learning programs and platforms they have ever used."
Tom Rausch
Director of Consulting at Barrett Values Centre
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