How Tidal Equality Grew their Training Revenue by 7x Using myQuest

Tidal Equality is a tech-enabled strategy firm at the intersection of social change and diversity & inclusion. They equip individuals and organizations to solve the problem of inequality at scale , helping them build a world in which equality is the new status quo and all people can achieve their full potential.

How does Tidal Equality use myQuest? 

Tidal Equality uses myQuest to support the delivery of their proprietary Equity Sequence™  training to companies small and large. Specifically they use myQuest to support pre, during, and post instructor lead sessions to support more effective behavioral change outcomes as a whole. myQuest is enabling Tidal Equality to rapidly scale inside an organization, while maintaining quality and impact through its highly engaging AFT learning model.

Prior to using myQuest:

  • Travel restrictions during the pandemic made it impossible to deliver face to face training.
  • Engagement sizes were limited to smaller groups in  a company.
  • No digital system other than zoom or MS Teams being used to improve training outcomes.
  •  strategy consulting was the main revenue stream in their business while training made up a smaller portion of total business revenue. 

Hesitations that came up when considering signing up for myQuest:

  • They had limited available resources at the time and considered that it might be a risky investment for them as a smaller team and business.
  • To them the platform seemed more fitting for training which presented larger volumes of content or content libraries compared to their proprietary Equity Sequence™ .
  • Cheaper online content software solutions were available for them to use.
  • The DEI market for training they were competing against is very cheap, or almost free and they hadn’t yet established the value of their process with their customer base.

Measurable Results from using myQuest:

  • 100% increase in their services revenue stream
  • 700% increase in their training revenue stream
  • Total business revenue growth of 265%
  • With no outbound marketing at all, they’ve achieved exponential growth in their network and reach because of the scale and training quality myQuest allows them to support.
  • Their services were priced high because they required face to face interaction and a lot of time and resources to produce because of the quality and commitment to results. This priced them out of serving an entire market sector that wanted to benefit from the “Equity Sequence™” but didn’t have the budget to afford such a premium process. By using myQuest they were able to productize and more easily produce the quality and impact through a more self paced process. This allowed them to lower the cost of their services to gain access to a whole new revenue stream from a previously untapped market.
  • Now they can support and sell directly to enterprises and an entire employee base of companies instead of just individuals or small groups. 

Tidal Equality’s general feedback:

  • “We consider it to be the best decision we had made for the business that year.”
  • “The community feed was a great differentiator with myQuest, as it was directly a part of the entire user process, and wasn’t a community tool that was integrated from another source or platform. “
  • “We feel that myQuest is the best option for peer and social learning.”
  • “The service that we’ve received from myQuest has been customer centered”
  • “We foresee a seamless relationship with myQuest based on the great response to their feedback regarding the required features and capabilities.”

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