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“ The biggest positive for us was the concept of Habits. We struggled turning training knowledge into actionable and observable behaviours - this platform seems to understand that concept and provided a solution to a challenge we had.”

Mark Christie
Trainer & Adoption Consultant at Salesforce Training

Why myQuest is Your Go-to for Customer Training?

myQuest is designed to make customer training engaging, fun, and effective. It blends gamification with AI-driven support, not only educating customers but also connecting them more closely to your brand. With myQuest, you can onboard new customers quickly, keep them engaged with your products, and retain them over the long term, even as your customer base grows.

The World’s Leading Companies Trust myQuest

"Implementing myQuest led to a 100% annual growth, reducing our program completion time from 12 to 3 months, and achieving a 98% increase in Cargowise Certifications in just one year.”

Livia Vernon
Director of Learning & Development at Jucari Global
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Building Success
Throughout the Customer Lifecycle


Attract New Customers

Position yourself as an industry expert and draw in more customers with myQuest’s top-notch education and support.

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Support and Upsell

Empower your customer success team with advanced AI assistance while keeping customers informed and maximizing upsell opportunities.

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Customer Lifecycle


Accelerate Customer Onboarding

Get customers up to speed fast with an engaging and user-friendly experience.

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How myQuest Empowers You to Attract New Customers

Utilize myQuest to develop free assets and programs that deliver value to your audience and attract new customers. Our platform enables direct interaction with potential customers within these programs through dedicated community and 1:1 coaching sections. Foster a community around your brand and cultivate lasting relationships with your customers.

Key Features for Optimizing Customer Acquisition

Engaging and Interactive Learning Experience
White - Labeled Solution
Integration with Sales and Marketing Systems
Real-Time Analytics and Tracking
AI-Driven Training Support
Community Forums and 1:1 Coaching

Accelerate Customer Onboarding and Product Familiarity with myQuest

myQuest helps you quickly familiarize new customers with your products and services, reducing time to value. Our platform not only ensures customers feel welcomed but also swiftly brings them up to speed, laying a foundation for immediate engagement and long-term satisfaction.

Key Features for Effective Onboarding

User-Friendly Interface
Action-based Learning
AI-Powered Assistance
Habit Formation Tools
Optimized for Any Device
Community Forums and Peer Support
1:1 Coaching

Using myQuest to Enhance Support & Upsell Strategies

Empower your customer success team with advanced AI assistance while keeping customers informed and maximizing upsell opportunities.

Key Features for Support and Upsells

AI-Driven Training Support
Community Forums and Peer Support
1:1 Coaching Support
Intuitive and User-friendly Authoring Tool
Real-Time Analytics
Integration with Support Systems

This Is What Award
Winning Experience Looks Like

The blended learning journey we delivered using myQuest yielded some fantastic Return of Expectation and Return of Investment, qualitatively and quantitatively."
Perineeta Malhotra
Co-Founder and Director at Emergence Learning
The myQuest interface is clean, easy to navigate, and highly engaging. We would definitely recommend myQuest to any organization who’s looking to deliver training in an effective way."
Dr. Vesna Schaefer
Global Head of Digital Training Delivery at Henkel
myQuest is great value for money. The software is intuitive to use and manage. The support team is very helpful and accommodating of random queries."
Chris Milliner
Director at Performance Climate System Ltd
The "Quest Builder" is so intuitive that you can't help but create an effective pathway for the learner to not only grasp the content but then put it into practice. It works intuitively for me as the content developer as well as for the end user."
Sue Tetzlaff
Co-Founder and Principal at Capstone Leadership Solutions
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