How Jucari Global Achieved 100% Annual Growth and Streamlined Training with myQuest

About Jucari Global

Jucari is a global company that specializes in helping Supply Chain and Logistics organizations become proficient in using CargoWise, a global logistics execution platform. With a team of certified professionals and over a century of combined industry experience, they understand how to deliver effective training using real life scenarios and ensure their clients get maximum benefit.

How Jucari Global uses myQuest

Jucari leverages myQuest to run a first-of-its-kind, online learning program that offers self-learning and self-development tools that enable participants to identify areas for improvement in their work and career. Through myQuest, Jucari provides CargoWise users with the latest content, resources, expertise, and platforms for discussion, ensuring that they stay at the forefront of learning and development best practices.

Jucari provides one-on-one coaching support through myQuest, combining it with self-learning. They also upload content that participants need to complete for their certification programs, offering live workshops through the platform. This blended approach ensures that participants receive personalized support while also having the flexibility to learn at their own pace. Jucari even renamed their learning platform to Jucari Learn, highlighting the integration of myQuest into their training processes.

Prior to using myQuest

  • Onboarding customers was challenging and the large amount of information caused a lot of user frustration, leading to poor learning results and completion rates.
  • Jucari's process was manual and developed in-house, making it challenging to onboard new Jucari Learn participants (before myQuest they were able to enroll only 200 users a month).
  • Typical customers would take about 12 months to complete the Jucari learning process.
  • No 1:1 direct client support.
  • Total of about 800 Cargowise certifications completed in a year.

Hesitations that came up when considering myQuest

  • Jucari didn't know if the investment in a new customer training solution would produce results.

Measurable results from using myQuest

Annual Growth of Users:

  • Using myQuest, Jucari was able to automate and onboard over 400 users per month.
  • This impressive growth led to a total annual growth rate of 100%.

Average Completion Time:

  • Jucari significantly reduced the completion time to just 3 months.
  • A total of 1,600 Cargowise certifications completed. This represents a notable increase of 98% compared to the previous year.

Client Support:

  • With myQuest's 1:1 coaching tool, Jucari is able to offer timely support to their clients.
  • Notifications enable the Jucari team to respond promptly to client questions and coursework, ensuring immediate feedback and keeping clients motivated and engaged.

General Feedback

Jucari believes that myQuest is an ideal solution for organizations seeking to transform challenging content delivery into an exciting journey. The gamified interface encourages participants to progress through their courses and enhances their overall performance. Additionally, the ability to download user results quickly and efficiently allows Jucari to analyze participant progress and effectively communicate important information. The myQuest team provides excellent support, offering instant assistance and managing client inquiries with clear communication and outstanding turnaround times.

Jucari considers their relationship with myQuest to be mutually beneficial, with both parties growing together over time. The platform's robust features, combined with the continuous support provided, have contributed to Jucari’s success in achieving exceptional results for their clients in the supply chain and logistics industry.

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