About MyQuest

myQuest was founded in 2012 to help people realize their potential and acquire new skills. Today, myQuest is helping thousands of companies worldwide to upskill their employees via effective learning and collaboration. 

Our company has two products, ‘myQuest Learn’ and ‘myQuest Connect’

‘myQuest Learn’ is our online training and coaching platform that allows companies to build contextualized and personalized learning experiences driven by our ‘AFT’ (Action, Feedback, Trigger) learning methodology.

‘myQuest Connect’ is our latest product that was created to increase employee productivity by creating flawless knowledge sharing across the organization. This product uses AI to map the skills of all employees in the organization and help employees in real-time with any question or challenge by connecting them with the right person in the organization who can help.

edan kertis
Edan Kertis
Founder & CEO

I believe that each of us has a unique set of skills and abilities that make us special and can help us succeed in life.The problem is that people often don’t have the right tools or medium available to them in order to successfully share their natural talents.
I founded myQuest to help people realize their potential and bring their unique talents and color to the world.

We are proud to see our clients touch, move, and inspire people around the globe.

Deliver real, engaged learning experiences