Our Quest is to help people succeed.

Sometimes, the only thing that stands between failure and success, is having someone to guide and support us on our life’s Quest.

This is why we created a new technology that empowers coaches, mentors, authors, and trainers, allowing them to share their experiences and knowledge with the world in an interactive and effective way.

Unlike traditional online courses, which provide a passive learning experience, Quests are based on elements that work in the real world.  Our technology makes a true difference in people’s lives by incorporating NLP-based learning, habit formation techniques, gamification, community support, and accountability into our platform.

We know that in order to be effective, online learning must be fun, active, and engaging. We are proud to see our clients touch, move, and inspire people around the globe.

This is our Quest... What is yours?

edan kertis
Edan Kertis
Founder & CEO

Since a very young age I always wanted to learn new things that can help me develop as a person. There are so many great mentors around us, but traditional online education didn’t work it for me. I wanted it to be fun, active, interactive even surprising.
This is why I’ve founded myQuest to provide teachers and mentors around the world with better tools to make the learning experience truly effective, fun and meaningful.

rob matzkin
Rob Matzkin
Co-Founder & COO

We are proud that we enable anyone who wants to reach a goal or dream the ability to do so. This is something that makes coming to work every day meaningful for me and my partners on this Quest. We are on a mission to impact others.

We are proud to see our clients touch, move, and inspire people around the globe.

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