Transforming Healthcare Organizations with myQuest: A Case Study of Capstone Leadership

Executive Summary

  • Capstone Leadership helps healthcare organizations improve their performance through transformational processes.
  • The company uses myQuest to provide individual and group coaching courses, public training events, and long-term work with clients.
  • Using myQuest, Capstone delivers training, coaching, action plans, and support in a unique way that sets them apart from others in the industry.
  • Capstone has a 100% success rate in helping clients achieve transformation using the myQuest platform.
  • Capstone's clients moved from being in the bottom 17% of the country in terms of patient satisfaction, employee satisfaction, revenue, and other critical areas to the top within 18-24 months.

About Capstone Leadership

Capstone Leadership is a training and transformation company that works with healthcare organizations across the United States seeking to improve their overall performance. Through a comprehensive transformation process, Capstone Leadership guides organizations to achieve exceptional results in critical areas such as employee satisfaction, patient care, revenue, and more.

At the core of this transformation process is Capstone Leadership's focus on leadership training and process improvement. By working closely with key teams and leaders, Capstone Leadership helps healthcare organizations to develop and implement innovative processes and best practices that lead to measurable improvements in a range of key areas. These improvements can be seen in as little as 18-24 months, helping organizations achieve their desired outcomes and drive sustained success.

How does Capstone Leadership use myQuest? 

  • Capstone Leadership developed Capstone EDU, which is the name they use for their nine core leadership practices, for which they created individual courses. Each course is dedicated to another leadership practice. These courses are designed to teach a few key people in each client organization to be internal experts on that practice and support all leaders to learn, master, and get competent and consistent in that practice.
  • Capstone Leadership also uses myQuest to create public training events for individual leader development, which they have been doing since they started their company in 2012. During the pandemic, they started to offer their public training events virtually using myQuest, and due to the success of the virtual events, they decided to keep creating them also after the pandemic. 
  • In addition, Capstone Leadership offers longer coaching courses for individual leaders which are built into Quests and include the coaching platform, 1:1 coaching, and group coaching through the community.
  • Lastly, Capstone Leadership uses myQuest for long term work with clients, which at a minimum starts with a 27-month commitment and involves setting up at least four specific teams with very specific action plans for each one. Those long-term processes are built into Quests - Each Level (module) of the Quest is dedicated to one quarter of the year, and includes all the needed resources, plans, assignments, and materials. Capstone Leadership doesn’t only provide the materials through the Quests, but also the support, including personal support and group coaching. 

Why Capstone Leadership Chose myQuest

Prior to using myQuest, the company faced significant challenges in providing healthcare organizations in rural areas with the support and training they needed. These organizations were hard to reach and often located in remote areas, which made it costly and difficult for Capstone to provide them with the necessary resources. The pandemic made it even more challenging because they couldn't visit their facilities. As a result, Capstone had to rely on onsite, hands-on training and coaching, which was not only expensive but overwhelming for their clients, because they had to deliver a lot of information in a very short amount of time. 

With myQuest, Capstone has been able to overcome these barriers and deliver their expertise and coaching right into the hands of the people who need it, even in remote areas. They can package and deliver their training and support through the platform, which allows them to drip out the resources and coaching that the teams need just in time. This approach is more manageable for their clients and enables them to work more efficiently, without overwhelming them with too much information at once.

By using myQuest, Capstone has been able to transform their consulting and coaching business, delivering training, coaching, action plans, and support in a way that nobody else in their industry is doing. The platform has been a game-changer for their business, making it possible for them to work with even the smallest and most remote healthcare organizations in the country. Creating a similar platform from scratch would have been time-consuming and expensive, making it unaffordable for the organizations they serve.

Measurable Results from using myQuest

At Capstone, success is measured by the results their clients achieve. The company's goal is to assist small and rural hospitals in becoming top-ranking and award-winning healthcare providers in the country. Capstone has recently celebrated the success of several clients who have won national awards for quality, service, and employee experience, even during the pandemic. Capstone's clients have become top-ranked employers with happy and committed employees, and the company is proud to have played a role in their success.

Capstone Leadership tracks their clients' financial results, growth, patient and employee survey results, and quality results before and throughout the transformation process. Compared to the industry's reported 30% success rate, Capstone has a 100% success rate in helping their clients achieve transformation. Capstone's clients have moved from being in the bottom 17% of the country in terms of patient satisfaction to the top within 18-24 months. They have achieved remarkable results across multiple metrics, including safety, quality, patient satisfaction, growth, and a 4X revenue increase.

Capstone's approach has received recognition from industry experts who are amazed by their clients' success. The success of their clients is attributed to the content and delivery model provided by Capstone. The content and coaching model are all packaged on myQuest, making it easier for Capstone to deliver and scale their services. Since the release and beta testing of their scalable model, Capstone has helped 30 organizations complete transformation using myQuest.

Capstone is proud of the results they have achieved through their proven approach to transformation, and is now well-positioned to grow as a company with a scalable model that enables them to serve more clients at a better price point. With an industry that needs their services more than ever, Capstone is confident that they will continue to deliver results that exceed expectations.

See Capstone Leadership’s client results below:

General Feedback from Capstone:

  • “Using myQuest, we were able to overcome obstacles and provide coaching and solutions to those who needed it, even if they were hard to reach.”
  • “myQuest allows us to just-in-time deliver what the team needs. I don’t have to teach them what they need for the whole year. In each quarter we drip out what they need on that Level through each mission.”
  • “The minute we saw myQuest and its capabilities, and in particular the learn-do methodology, we knew this is the right platform for us. It allowed us to deliver our in-person services in a virtual setting, but in the same way as if we were in a room with you coaching and teaching you one on one”.
  • “The way myQuest is designed to package training has enabled us to provide all the resources and support that the team needs, right at their fingertips. The multi-use of the system for us is just unbelievable.”

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