Capstone Leadership Solutions Improve Their Training

Healthcare administrators struggled with training until they began using gamification to keep their business collaborators and team engaged and performing.

“myQuest technology empowers us at Capstone in an interactive and effective way, increasing our engagement and our success.” - Sue Tetzlaff, Co-Founder of Capstone Leadership Solutions

Key Achievements

  • Learners are quickly developing habits
  • Training is more effective with lasting results
  • Capstone Leadership Solutions revenue has increased


Capstone trains leaders to form positive habits. Before myQuest, all of Capstone’s training was delivered to their learners live (in person) or in writing. This limited the number of learners whom the company could train at one time. Co-founder Sue began to look for ways to scale.

At the same time, Capstone also realized that although their live training was successfully providing learners with knowledge, the tools they were using were not helping their learners to develop habits quickly.

Thus began Sue’s hunt for a tool that could both help the company scale and help their learners adopt habits more quickly.

How the myQuest platform significantly improved Capstone’s impact with learners

Turn knowledge into action

Sue was looking for something that supports how she best learns. myQuest’s emphasis on coaching and habit formation is what most attracted her to the system. Whereas Sue’s previous methods of growing learners’ knowledge with in-person and written learning worked to an extent, when she implemented Capstone’s training on myQuest, she found that their learners were able to form habits much more quickly and effectively, making the impact of Capstone’s training much greater. She also found the new technology very easy to use. Sue now has a way to deliver live training to more viewers and reinforce the company’s desired habits. The platform allows Sue to provide more instruction than ever before, and to reach her audience inside the coaching center as well as outside of it.

The Results

With Capstone recently launching a new Quest, Sue’s long-term vision for how the myQuest tool can help their mission and their vision to inspire positive change in healthcare has exceeded expectations.

“The platform has already boosted our learners’ engagement and the company’s revenue. It’s incredible to see our educators coaching on a whole new level and the impact on our learners.”

Sue envisions even greater results for the future. She sees “community” as a really rich element and one of the most powerful features. A support network adds tremendously to a learner’s success.

3 reasons why Capstone Leadership Solutions swears by myQuest

  1. “Our learners are better equipped to get results from training”
  2. “As a team, we are better set up for success”
  3. “Our revenue has increased within only the first few months of using myQuest”

About Capstone Leadership Solutions

Capstone Leadership Solutions

Capstone Leadership Solutions, founded six years ago, delivers training to leaders in the healthcare space. In an effort to serve healthcare organizations and leaders - and bring value to their employees, patients, physicians, administrators and communities - Capstone provides tools to organization leaders to implement positive culture change in their hospitals. Positive change creates a workplace where people thrive and care for each other, which impacts the entire healthcare ecosystem. Capstone inspires positive change, one leader at a time.

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