Effective Habit Formation to Help Your Learners

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July 31, 2018
Billy Mike
from myQuest

The Importance of Good Habits

Importance of good habits

In order to improve your healthy lifestyle, it is essential to develop good, wholesome habits. Student habit formation is crucial for the learning process and is incredibly useful in reaching a learner’s goal. The more these habits are used, the more they become automatic. The automatization of these habits is what helps learners reach their goals as it lets you put your energy on other, more difficult tasks. Habits are also important because they create a routine for the learner increasing efficiency and organization. It also saves the learner a lot of time; as efficiency increases, wasted time decreases. Habit formation is the building blocks of reaching your goal. Each daily habit that you form and follow along the way is what will help you reach your end goal.

How to Build Habits in a Learning Process

There are many key habit formation tools to enhance the learning process:

  1. Restructure Your Environment

It is important to remove any sort of temptation that will hinder your habit formation process. Depending on what your goal is, making a quiet study zone or a safe space will help you stay on track.

  1. Make it Daily

Being consist and properly immersing your new habit into your daily routine is a key way of making a habit stick.

  1. Set Reminders

Setting reminders on your phone or in a planner every day will prevent you from avoiding the new habit. Practicing it every day is the only way for it to be automatic and natural.

  1. Break up the Bigger Goal into Smaller Parts

When looking at the bigger picture, the habit can seem intimidating. However, if you break it up into smaller, daily goals it will seem more realistic. Microlearning is an effective way to build habits.

  1. Constant Motivators

Having a motivator is beneficial and will prevent you from falling off track.  It is always useful to have someone offer encouraging words when you are feeling discouraged.

myQuest’s Ability to Help Learners Form New Habits

myQuest offers countless coaching tools to help your student’s habit formation process. The habit feature is a fundamental part of this online training platform.

Within every mission, the trainer can add a habit, specific to the learner explaining what it entails and why it is important. The learners are motivated to perform the habit as it will give them more points. It is so effective as trainees are constantly reminded of the habit through myQuest’s push notification feature. They are asked to perform the habit at least three times helping make the habit stick. Microlearning is also evident in this process as each mission has a different habit, breaking it up into smaller action-based tasks and making it less pressuring.

For example, in a weightloss demo, the mission asks the learners to only eat 100 grams of carbs a day. Once they completed this repeated task, they log it in making them accountable for it and one step closer to adding the habit into their daily routine.

Effective habits

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