Webinar: Learning in the Flow of Work

Posted on
July 26, 2021
Edan Kertis
CEO at myQuest

In this webinar, presented by Diane Kubal (Fulcrum - Founder) and Edan Kertis (myQuest - CEO), you will learn:

  • Get educated on the latest learning and development trends
  • What does "learning in the flow of work" mean
  • New online training techniques for employees to increase their skills and job efficiency
  • Solutions for learning in the flow of work by using myQuest Connect. Our product allows you to connect employees with experienced colleagues to help solve work-related challenges and questions. By connecting employees together, we also create an organizational FAQ, so for every question that was asked in the past, we automatically direct employees to the right solution.

Find out about learning in the flow of work!

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