How APA Solutions Changed Adversity into University 

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December 16, 2020
Billy Mike
from myQuest

Adversity. For hundreds of years, this single word has captured the misfortunes and hardships our species has faced. The COVID-19 pandemic that we are currently living through is arguably one of, if not the most, destructive of these circumstances. Countless ill, too many passing away, lives upended by an invisible force that wreaked havoc in its viral wake. 

APA Solutions, a science-based human capital consulting firm creating on-demand training and development solutions, experienced the devastation first-hand. In the beginning of 2020 they had a number of organizations relying on them to provide the needed leadership and management training to bring their organization to the forefront of employee engagement, innovation, and career fulfillment. Their brain-based approach to training provides their clients with a deeper understanding of how the brain operates, giving their participants a better ability to understand, predict, and manage both themselves and others in a remarkably effective way. And then, adversity strikes. Much of their training was conducted in person. How could they meet the demands of the organizations who needed their consultation, now more than ever? They too were facing an unprecedented level of adversity…

Helping Leaders in the Safe Digital Ecosystem

APA Solutions’ team took a stand in the face of COVID-19. They stood behind their training methodology, the principles of their approach, and knew the impact it would have on organizations. If only they had a way to reach them. At that moment, they attacked adversity and launched their online university; You, Inc.. Powered by myQuest’s digital infrastructure, they were able to fill each Quest with the same meaningful content as their in-person training. They captured the level of engagement by incorporating the same thought provoking questions in each mission. And they supported their clients in the same way they would have in their face-to-face training by using the one-on-one coaching and community interactions built into the myQuest platform. 

In the digital ecosystem, safe from COVID-19, they were able to help leaders manage their emotions as well as those of their employees during the pandemic. Not one of the organizations they work with closed and in fact, many said they have grown stronger from the competencies they have taught them. If they could lead their team through a pandemic, what couldn’t they accomplish?

Blended Learning for Better Results

Today, APA Solutions is continuing to use their blended learning approach. They will hold training sessions, live via Zoom or GoToMeeting and supplement the experience with the You, Inc. university. In addition to the weekly Managing Through Stress virtual training series they hosted over the summer, they have also created a 4-part, interactive series on Equity & Social Justice, Emotional Intelligence for Impact, and Threat v. Reward to identify a few noteworthy training sessions during this time. And the response? Gratitude. So many of their participants are thankful they have continued their training during a time when it is so needed by their clients. APA Solutions too are thankful for the continued partnership with myQuest as the digital platform has revolutionized their training approach. 

For those interested in joining in APA Solutions’ engaging, blended learning experience, please contact their Marketing and Events Specialist Jamie at APA Solutions will be happy to find you the most applicable training program to help you attack adversity through what you learn from your new online university experience.

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