How StressPal Achieved 90% Training Completion and Exceptional Results With myQuest

About StressPal:

StressPal adopts a team-centric approach to building sustainable resilience and collaborative cultures, that expands inclusion, diversity, equity and access to evidence-based training at a lower cost. The novel program and peer-support platform were developed for healthcare and allied professionals, and their families, to address epidemic levels of distress, burnout and stress-related health conditions.

How StressPal uses myQuest:

StressPal leverages myQuest's self-directed and collaborative learning capabilities to provide participants with a structured and engaging training program. Participants gain a solid foundation in practical, evidence-based intervention strategies to effectively navigate high-pressure situations and interactions. The training encourages participant interaction and personalization, allowing them to develop a resilience toolkit. Upon completion of the core training, participants also earn continuing education credits. Additionally, ongoing support modules are available throughout the subscription term.

To further foster active engagement and participation, StressPal incorporates interactive elements within the myQuest platform. Participants can engage in activities such as journaling, reflection exercises, and goal setting. These features encourage self-reflection, personal growth, and the development of effective coping strategies.

In addition, StressPal utilizes myQuest's built-in communication tools to facilitate interaction and support among participants and between participants and mentors selected by the organization. Through the platform, participants can ask questions, seek clarification, and engage in discussions with peers and mentors. This fosters a sense of community, allowing participants to share experiences, learn from each other, and provide support during challenging times. The myQuest platform also enables StressPal's facilitators to deliver personalized feedback, guidance, and encouragement to participants, further enhancing the learning experience.

Prior to using myQuest:

Before the development of the StressPal program, its clinician-led faculty delivered one-on-one sessions and small group workshops. The rising epidemic of stress and stress-related conditions revealed the limitations of this approach in terms of scalability and accessibility, both among healthcare workers and the general public. Advances in research provided a path to educate and reinforce skill-building on an action-based platform for self-directed learning in team cohorts. This approach reduces logistical complications and costs, and expands access.

Hesitations that came up when considering myQuest:

  • Initially, there were hesitations regarding the use of myQuest as a platform for their program concept that required HIPAA compliance.
  • StressPal was unsure about the level of customer support they would receive during the program development phase with myQuest.

Measurable results from using myQuest:

Through comprehensive data analysis, StressPal has been able to gather valuable insights into the effectiveness of their stress resilience training program delivered through the myQuest platform. The data collected includes responses from clinicians, care team members, and non-clinician participants who completed the StressPal Frontline training program. Here are some measurable results obtained from the data analysis:

  1. Completion rates:

StressPal observed high completion rates, reaching up to 90%. These rates were particularly noteworthy in cases where the organization provided protected time or incentives for participants. The high completion rates indicate a strong engagement and commitment among the participants to complete the training program.

  1. Anonymous free text responses:

StressPal received insightful and positive feedback from participants through anonymous free text responses. Some responses include:

  • "The format of the instructional design between educational videos and mindfulness/guided imagery practices was a wonderful balance, allowing me to process as well as utilize some of the skills in the videos right away."
  • "Self-paced, well designed visuals, relatable practical scenarios and practical strategies to apply to real life stressful situations."
  • "It helps you self assess yourself and apply strategies to make you a more well rounded efficient person."
  1. Achievement of learning objectives:

Participants rated their agreement with the extent to which the program supported the achievement of specific learning objectives on a scale of 1 to 5. The average ratings for each objective were as follows:

  • Applying evidence-based cognitive strategies in daily life - 4.24
  • Identifying and applying personally relevant stress-triggered behavior strategies - 4.24
  • Integrating resilience-promoting strategies into daily life - 4.41
  • Engaging in guided mindfulness meditation exercises - 4.47
  • Promoting positive resilience modeling and pro-social behavior - 4.29

These high average ratings indicate that participants strongly agreed that the program supported the achievement of the learning objectives.

  1. Perception of educational material and faculty:

Participants rated their perception of the educational material and faculty on a scale of 1 to 5. The average ratings were as follows:

  • The faculty were effective in presenting the material - 4.29
  • The educational material provided useful information for participants' practice - 4.41
  • The activity enhanced participants' current knowledge base - 4.40
  • The activity provided appropriate and effective opportunities for active learning - 4.29
  • The activity improved participants' ability to function as part of the interprofessional care team - 4.35

These positive ratings indicate that participants found the educational material and faculty to be effective and beneficial to their practice.

General feedback:

StressPal found working with the myQuest platform to be a positive experience. The collaboration with the myQuest team was highly valued as they provided assistance and support throughout the implementation process. StressPal appreciated the team's dedication to improving the platform and their responsiveness to feedback. While there were growth challenges, the thoughtful approach taken by the myQuest team in developing the program and providing client support was commendable.

Overall, myQuest enabled StressPal to deliver their stress resilience training program to a wider audience, including physicians, nurses, administrators, technicians, and other healthcare professionals. The platform's ease of use, interactivity, and accessibility helped overcome logistical barriers, making the program more affordable and reaching a larger number of individuals. By utilizing myQuest, StressPal aimed to build and sustain resilient cultures, individuals, and teams within healthcare organizations, ultimately addressing rising distress and burnout in the industry.

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