Improve Technology Adoption in Your Organization & Reduce Support Tickets

myQuest Connect automatically answers employees’ questions about anytechnology or tool directly through Microsoft Teams

How myQuest Connect Works

  • Whenever an employee faces a challenge or has a question about any tool ortechnology, they simply send it to our app in Microsoft Teams
  • If a similar question has been asked in the past, our app will automatically send backthe solution in real time.
  • If the app can’t find an answer to that question, our AI algorithm will identify the rightperson in the organization who can help and connect the two employees throughMicrosoft Teams.
  • Only if no solution or expert is found, we’ll assist the employee in opening a ticket inyour internal helpdesk system.


  • Easy to access directly through Microsoft Teams
  • Saves money by reducing help desk support tickets
  • Improves team productivity, collaboration, and expertise
  • Reduces workload on the different support teams
  • Shortens new tech implementation time
  • Allows a flexible and scalable way to manage tech enablement

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