Business trainING PLATFORM

The myQuest training platform delivers real, engaged learning experiences through action-based strategies

Create personalized and contextualized training programs, bolstered by feedback, coaching, and peer mentorship.

WHY Business trainers choose the myquest solution

Experiential Micro-Learning

With current online tools and methods, trainers are lucky if they get any of the learning outcomes they’re after. We change that. Our solution gets twenty times higher engagement and completion rates than an LMS.

Training on Any Device

Use myQuest on any device. Deliver personalized mobile coaching in the pocket of your customers.

Automatic 24/7 Engagement

Engage and interact with participants before, during, and after workshops. Allow trainees to access the training anytime, anywhere, without missing hours of work to participate in training sessions.

Track and Maximize Your Impact

Get full visibility into your participants’ progress and track your clients’ ROI. Gain insight and improve your programs based on real-time analytics.

Here’s how myQuest SUPPORTS other business trainers

Ryan Stelzer
Strategy of Mind

"myQuest allows us to engage with clients even if they are located miles away. It enables us to work with companies from all over the world and give continuous support to any client who needs it."

Erikson Neilans, Ph.D.
Neuroscience Specialist
APA Solutions

"The ability to have on-demand, mobile friendly coaching and professional development has allowed us to reach markets that would have been very challenging to impact. The analytics feature has been a very helpful way for us as well as leaders to monitor user progress within the training. This allows us to effectively and strategically provide additional assistance to each organization we coach."

Paul Sullivan
Marketing and Business Development Consultant

“I chose myQuest as my educational platform for three reasons. The first is the ability to get user feedback and data and keep my courses up to date, relevant, and interesting. The second is that the platform enables me to maintain my corporate pricing. The third is its multi-use and functionality and the ability to white label it at the high end. A perfect trio!"

Sue Tetzlaff
Capstone Leadership Solutions

“Within the myQuest platform, we are able to easily develop our courses with bite-sized learning coupled with actionable missions which build to the commitment to a new habit. Our approach to leadership development is “Learn, then Do.” The myQuest platform undoubtedly supports our approach."

Irfan Hafeez
CEO at Human Development Solutions

"myQuest has been a game changer for us. It is helping us engage participants not only during the training, but also before and after, allowing us to create a bigger business impact and ROI."

Learn how myQuest Connect can improve technology adoption in your organization

Training tools

Increase training completion and engagement rates with myQuest's training tools.


Break your content into bite-sized, achievable pieces, making it super-easy for your clients to take on new information.

Habit Formation Tools

Help trainees form new, positive habits. Automatically send reminders and reward learners for applying their habits on a daily basis.

Micro learning

Smart Automated Communication

Interact with trainees effectively by sending automated messages and push notifications based on progress. It’s the closest you can get to providing a 1-1 training experience to thousands of people.


Use the power of games to incentivize learners to make progress and ensure training success. Trainees will complete Missions, unlock Levels, earn points, and win prizes.

push notifications

Community Building

Keep in touch with your trainees and have them interact and support each other as well. Learners will be notified whenever you post something to the community, and whenever one of their peers replies to their posts.

community suppport


Get a stunning online training platform

Easy-to-use Quest Builder

Our super-simple builder makes it easy to create your own training program in just a few hours. No technical skills are needed for course creation.

quest builder


Gain customer insights, measure engagement, and learn how to make your clients more successful. Use your analytical reports to update and improve your training at any given moment.

Fully Optimized for Any Device

Allow trainees to access your content on-the-go, or from the comfort of their desktops. myQuest works amazingly on computers, tablets, and smartphones.

Your Brand

Our White Label solution enables you to brand the myQuest platform completely as your own – your logo, your colors, your brand.

Custom URL

Add your own branding by hosting your programs under your own domain. Don’t have a domain? No problem. We’ll host your Quest under our domain.


Reach more clients and scale your business with a variety of built-in marketing tools.

High-Converting Landing Pages

Easily create beautiful landing pages that sell. Simply add your own copy to our template, and start sending customers to your page.

Built-In Payments

Charge your customers with integrated payments powered by Braintree. No need to have a merchant account or payment gateway.

landing pages

Conversion Pixels Support

Add conversion pixels to your program and gain important insights about your advertising.

Advanced Pricing Options

Sell a monthly/yearly subscription or charge a one-time fee, and offer individual or bundled programs.

Marketing Training Package

Get free access to our Marketing Training Package (valued at $3490), created by the world’s top marketing experts. Learn how to create ads that sell, reach more clients, produce great videos, and more.

Your Affiliate Program

Grow your business by incentivizing affiliates to share your programs with new customers. We will create affiliate links for each party so we can track any user signups.

Countless integrations

Integrate myQuest with your favorite 3rd party systems. Use Zapier to connect your Quests with any marketing, support, and analytics tool.

Hosting & Security

Peacefully create your training programs while we take care of the rest.

Data Ownership

Own 100% of your content and student data. Export your content at any given moment.

Immediate Upgrades

We work day and night to improve myQuest. You and your clients will automatically receive all of our latest updates.

SSL Certificate

Your learners’ information is safe with us at all times.

Secured Payments

All payment data, whether your own or your customers’, is safe and secure.

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