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November 10, 2021
Edan Kertis
CEO at myQuest

Unlock value with online training platforms for business skills

We spent 72 hours testing the 5 best online training platforms for business skills looking for the best learning environment and an active learning experience. myQuest gets our vote across all dimensions. What was important for us was: high quality user experience, ease of build and opportunity to apply learning science. These were our key factors for analysis, with the latter weighted highest. 

Having been in online learning since it’s inception when it was just an “e-click- text-behind-screen” experience, and having designed and built countless programmes, courses, masterclasses and tracked the UX and ROI results in over 50 corporate and NGO environments, we knew what we were looking for. My PhD research also provided context, since I was looking for a platform that could also provide for action learning, the elegant design of communities of practice and an online coaching platform. Blended learning researchers all agree on one fact - involving people in learning with others reduces dropout rates and builds learning adoption, so this was also an important factor. 

We know that over the last two years the need for online training platforms has grown immensely. While online training and white label coaching programs were gaining popularity prior to COVID-19, the global shift to remote life has demonstrated that online learning platforms have become a permanent feature of the fast-paced business world we now inhabit. 

Top universities are online, Oxford even offers full qualifications online and Linked In learning is jammed full of course content. Free courses and video lessons are everywhere. Today’s needs are tomorrow’s functionality and no one wants to get left behind.  The big question is which learning platform to buy when you need one that understands applied learning science and a platform that can stay the distance and keep delivering results for clients and learners alike. Find out why we chose myQuest - one of the 5 best online training platforms for business skills. 

We set off reviewing myQuest, Absorb LMS, Cornerstone LMS and Docebo. While Absorb LMS offers deep reporting and Cornerstone offers a great platform for compliance training, after spending some time working with myQuest, what emerged was the power of  myQuest’s signature ‘AFT’ Learning Model that integrates seamlessly into the platform and is designed to prepare the brain for learning. The ‘Action, Feedback and Trigger’ learning model also operates in a manner that mitigates the common problems associated with online learning. 

Some of the biggest issues posed by learners on online platforms - isolation, passivity, and low engagement - are solved by myQuest’s ‘AFT’ Model.  This is a big win when everyone is too busy to learn and the slightest discomfort with content or process chases learners off to their favourite social media platforms.

The ‘Feedback’ aspect of ‘Action, Feedback and Trigger’ deals with the response the learner receives after successfully completing an action. An absence of feedback can frustrate the learner and undermine progress. For this reason, myQuest strives to offer an immediate response once the learner can offer proof of learning. One of myQuest’s core philosophies is that feedback must occur close to the completion of the action, while the learner is still engaged in the subject matter. The platform offers both one-on-one coaching and community feedback options, ensuring that the learner is never left to their own devices or doubts for long. By offering both instructor and peer feedback, myQuest makes sure that learners are always able to receive the feedback they need to grow their skill base and actualize their knowledge. 

Designers often think adding video makes design work well and learners happy. This is much more than a tool for integrating video based learning, it’s more like action based learning labs that take an online course platform to the next level.

Think gamification and habit-forming tools instead of just video. These are used to expose and inspire a variety of action-based learning sources. Knowing that learning happens everywhere and anytime, this provides a refreshing “learn as you work” opportunity for the development of online learning courses.  Learning happens away from the computer but as designers and learning architects it's a struggle to design for that. By providing tools for blending online learning with offline experiences, myQuest offers some of the most effective action-based learning software currently available. 

As a white label business coaching platform it is in a class of its own. The opportunity to create a virtual coach that can support and encourage learners, that can send text notifications to encourage new habits is well designed and innovative. 

Full white label solutioning allows you to brand the online coaching platform as your own, which in turn strengthens the connection between the learner and you as the learning provider. When combined with myQuest’s white label business coaching app, learners are sure to never forget the learning they have experienced. 

In addition, during our time with myQuest we found the platform to be incredibly easy to set up and use. The first “quest” we made was completed in a few hours, and the ease with which different media could be incorporated into the platform made it enjoyable. The fact that the developers understand how people learn came through over and over again. This kind of science made accessible and practical, makes myQuest our top choice. 

Another valuable feature that myQuest offers is the in-depth analytics for each individual learner in each program. In short, it soon became clear that the myQuest online platform facilitates deep engagement and nuanced learning through a combination of cutting-edge strategies. 

Overall, our vote goes to myQuest - an online platform that is as agile as we need to be, allowing for business acumen and new skills to be built on the go. Easy to use, great support and features that keep you ahead of the game. If you are looking for a platform with a built in passion for learning, just like you have, this is the one.

Written by Kirsten Garbini

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