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April 15, 2019

What is Action-Based Learning

Action-Based learning is the process of learning by doing. Yes, you can learn new things by watching videos and reading information, but there’s no better way to acquire a new skill than to practice it. You can read about leadership all day long, but it will never be as effective as actually leading your team and facing the daily challenges associated with it.

Experiential learning is so effective because it helps establish lasting behavior change. Rather than simply understanding a new subject, new habits and new behaviors are developed.

The Problem With Digital Learning in Corporations

Learning and development within the corporate space is supposed to make a significant impact for the company. Yet, far too often the training fails due to lack of engagement, poor completion rates, and low knowledge retention rates. According to a research conducted by Dr. Hannah Gore, an e-learning engagement expert, only 3.8% of learners engage with content that’s delivered via an LMS.

Most existing online training solutions focus on knowledge delivery rather than knowledge retention and implementation. Employees are required to watch videos or listen to lectures, but are rarely ever asked to take action and apply what they’ve learned throughout the training.

Action-based learning puts the actions that employees need to take as part of the training in the center of learning. With this approach, employees remember what they learn, learners' completion and engagement rates are significantly higher, and the training becomes an enjoyable and active experience.

Training solutions often focus on knowledge delivery but not on knowledge implementation

How to Implement Action-Based Learning In Your Online Training

To achieve better results and create a greater impact, myQuest and Craig Weiss developed the  AFT learning  model. The AFT model allows organizations to successfully incorporate action-based learning into the training and increase its impact and ROI.

According to the AFT model, the first step of an effective learning experience is to make sure learners take action. Even if your course is based on videos and texts, it’s always possible (and even easy!) to incorporate experience-based learning into it. Here are some tips on how to do this:

Tip #1: Turn Lessons into Actions

When you come to think about it, each lesson or piece of information can be turned into an action-item. Rather than just delivering information through videos or written texts, try to encourage employees to take action and do something that is related to or based on what they just learned.

Employees  learn more effectively by doing, so if you’re teaching communication skills, for example, don’t let employees just read about those skills. Ask them to go out and try them on real people! Implementing the new information they have learned will allow them to not only understand it better, but also make actual behavioral change.

Tip #2: Create Habits

To create real behavior change and achieve long lasting success, some actions need to be repeated on a daily basis. It's often not enough to get employees to do something once – they must repeat it every day to gain that new skill. The more employees practice new behaviors, the more these behaviors will eventually become autonomous, meaning they will no longer have to think about them. They will become habits.

Even if your course is based on videos and texts, it’s easy to incorporate action-based learning strategies into it

Want to deliver action-based learning experiences in your organization?

If you are intrigued by the idea of action-based learning but not sure how to use it in your training, then this opportunity is for you!

This coming May, we will be hosting a FREE webinar: “How to Use Action-Based Learning to Increase Training Impact”.

The speaker in this webinar will be Craig Weiss, one of the most influential people in the world for e-learning and the learning system space.

Craig will share the most effective ways to increase engagement and create more impact in your organization through action-based learning. In this webinar, you will learn all about:

  • The best practices for using action-based learning to increase engagement
  • The powerful AFT learning model and how you can implement it into your own training programs
  • Proven strategies to achieve a 5X higher training completion rate
  • And much more...

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