What is Blended Learning?

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August 12, 2021
Billy Mike
from myQuest

Blended learning is a topic on everyone’s lips, especially during the pandemic, so let’s investigate this intriguing concept, which is quickly becoming the norm. Let’s define: what is blended learning? Blended learning is when learning combines online materials and interaction with traditional classroom / educational methods. It requires the physical presence of both a facilitator / mentor and learner, with an element of student control over items like time, place, path, and pace. This could be applicable for coaching, mentoring, training, short courses, learners / students, onboarding and employees. 

Below is an example of a blended learning program - where the course material is via electronic / online media as well as traditional face-to-face training: 

  • Content and videos the user goes through by themself online, at their own pace  
  • Live meetings / presentations during the course with a trainer / coach
  • Feedback and interaction during the training - online or face-to face with facilitators and learners creating a learning community 

Traditional Online Training Challenges

Online training is not a novelty. It is important to recognise that online training and blended learning are different. Below are a few reasons why traditional face-to-face and online learning tools are no longer working. 


Due to the Covid-19 pandemic; face-to-face training has become extremely difficult to coordinate. This poses safety risks for the facilitator and learners. 

Learners are Isolated

In most learning platforms, the learning experience is very lonely. This leads to low completion rates and high drop out rates.

No Feedback 

Learners don't receive feedback as part of the learning process, which damages their ability to acquire new skills effectively.

Learning is Passive 

Learning management systems (LMS) and traditional online training platforms deliver learning in a passive way. That means that 75% of students will forget the training in less than one week after the program. This results in poor knowledge retention as learners rarely take action and apply what they learn. 

A Blended Learning Solution 

myQuest is a blended learning platform. Our online training solution allows you to provide personal / group training or coaching, not just during the in-person sessions but also during the self-paced learning process. Use our suite of coaching and peer learning tools to keep learning personal and social even when you are not next to your students or employees. Content and video creation is very important for the online journey and you could consider a professional video production company to assist you.

Our approach is "learning by doing". With myQuest you can transform passive course content into activities and habits, so your training programs lead to long-lasting behavioral change. 

What makes us different is our AFT model

The AFT model was designed to solve the problems associated with customary online learning and training. When used correctly, the model can increase engagement and completion rates by more than 2,000%.

According to the AFT model, the first step of an effective learning experience is to make sure learners take action. Thereafter, giving students feedback, the next action must be triggered to keep the learners engaged throughout the entire learning process. Using triggers such as reminders, messages, and notifications motivates and encourages the students to make progress. Rather than just delivering knowledge through videos or written content, learners are encouraged to take action and experiment with what they have learned. This type of experiential learning is so effective because it helps establish lasting behaviour change. To make the process even more effective, it’s recommended to use micro-learning and break down content and information into bite-sized, achievable pieces.

Now imagine using our AFT steps in a blended learning model or experience - this is the ultimate online training scenario. Not only are students engaged in an efficient online course on our training platform but also have live interaction with peers and coaches / trainers during their learning path. This is achieved through our community and live meetings features! 

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