Frequently asked questions

What is a Quest?

A Quest is a step-by-step program, designed to take your clients on an exciting journey towards their goals and dreams. We believe that in order to achieve a goal, one must enjoy the process. This is why we’re using gamification and action-based learning as core features in our platform.

On a Quest, users complete Missions, unlock Levels, earn points, and win prizes. To make the experience as fun and engaging as possible, we’re using a vast variety of success mechanisms such as AI, NLP-based learning, accountability, and habit-formation techniques.

And the best part? Your Quest works for you. Our sophisticated automatic coaching system allows you to coach thousands of people at the same time, without actually having to be there.

How do I build a Quest

The Quest building process is simple and fun, and includes three steps:
1. Creating your Quest’s outline.
2. Uploading content into our user-friendly content building system.
3. Completing a technical questionnaire so we can set things up for you.

A personal Project Manager will help and support you throughout the entire process and make sure you're taking the right step at the right time.

How long does it take to build a Quest?

The length of the Quest-building process is up to you. If your content is ready and only needs to be turned into a Quest, you can build your Quest in a matter of hours. If you need to create the content, then the process might be a bit longer. In any case, you will not pay for the time it takes you to build your Quest!

Can I see the progress of my users on my Quest?

Yes. As a Quest mentor, you’ll be able to see each user’s progress and offer support and assistance if necessary.

Is the Quest Community private?

Yes, the Community is completely private and can only be seen the Quest's participants and mentors. If you have more than one Quest, you can offer one community for all of your users, or a separate community for each Quest.

Do I need to have my own domain?

You don’t have to have your own domain to build your Quests, you can use our domain if you'

Can I change my pricing plan later on?

myQuest’s pricing plans are built to grow with your business. Your plan can be upgraded at any given moment, according to your needs.

How do I get paid?

By setting your own Braintree account, you’ll be able to receive the money your clients pay straight into your bank account. If you choose to use myQuest’s Braintree account, the money will be transferred to your bank account on a monthly basis.

Are there any hidden fees?


Do I have to share my revenues with myQuest?

No, there is zero revenue share and you only pay for the access to our platform.

You mentioned I will not pay for the time it takes me to build my Quest. How does this work?

Your payments will start the day you join myQuest, but we will give you extra credit up to 90 days that will be applied to your account at the end of your subscription. If, for example, you purchase a 1 year subscription, and it takes you 1 month to build your Quest, we will give you 1 additional month before you need to renew your subscription.

Is there a money back guarantee?

myQuest offers a 30-day money back guarantee. If you’re not happy with our platform, we’ll give you a full refund. (up untill your App is published*)

Who is it for?

A Quest is an amazing solution for any coach or trainer who wishes to grow his/her business online. Whether you’re a business coach, a personal trainer, a marketing genius, or a weight-loss expert – our Quests ensure your clients succeed.

What is the difference between a Quest and an ordinary online course?

There are a few aspects that set Quests apart from conventional online courses. While online courses offer a passive learning experience, Quests are designed to give students a personal, interactive, and highly-engaging experience. Through gamification, AI, community support and other engaging features, we make sure your students not only succeed, but also enjoy their way to success.

How do I know if a Quest is the right solution for me?

A Quest is suitable for any type of process. Whether you want to teach people how to design their own website, grow their business, or lose weight – creating a Quest can help you coach/train people better.

If you’re not sure about the compatibility of your process with our platform, feel free to contact us at We’ll help you understand if creating a Quest is the right thing for you.

Is it difficult to upload videos into my Quest?

Uploading videos to your Quest is super-easy. All you have to do is insert a YouTube or Vimeo link into the Quest Builder, and you’re all set.

How hard is it to change the content of my Quest after it goes live?

It is very easy to change your Quest’s content, as all you have to do is go into the Quest Builder and make the necessary changes. Also since you can see the progress of your users, you can go make changes where users are getting stuck and not making progress.

What is the user experience like transitioning from my website to myQuest?

Your Quest can be integrated into your website, so your users’ experience will not be interfered.

Can my Quest be viewed on mobile devices?

Yes, your Quest can be accessed from any device. If you choose to use the myQuest app, your users will be able to download it from Google Play or from iTunes. If you’re a Gold member, your users will be able to download your own branded app.

Can I use my own domain?

Yes, you can. Your Quest can be hosted either on our domain, or your domain. The choice is yours.

How much can I sell my Quest for?

The price of your Quest is up to you. Some of our customers sell their Quest for $30 per month, while others charge $10,000 as a one-time fee. You’re the only one who can determine the price.

Are there any transaction fees?

myQuest doesn’t charge any transaction fees. The only transaction fees you’ll need to pay are the ones charged by the credit card company or by PayPal.

What happens if I want to cancel?

If you decide to cancel your subscription, your existing clients will have 90 days to complete your Quest, but you will not be able to collect their payments via the myQuest platform. New clients will not be able to sign up to your Quests.