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December 16, 2020
Billy Mike
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Capstone Leadership Solutions is a transformation company which assists healthcare organizations to improve their results and advance their strategies. While their services include assessment and planning functions, the execution phase of their work relies heavily on a component of training - mainly leadership training. 

Since the inception of their company in 2012, the primary training tactic they used was live, in-person training events which were on-site at the client organization.

Capstone Leadership began their use of myQuest in 2018 primarily as a way to support their client organizations with developing internal subject matter expertise on the nine core leadership tactics that are utilized to strengthen the organization’s leadership team. This is required for long term sustainability (e.g. onboarding new leaders, remediating leaders who are struggling with one or more of the tactics, etc.) and independence in execution without reliance on their company.

As well, another revenue stream for their company has been live public training events in which they teach healthcare leaders these nine core leadership tactics.

Given the impact of the pandemic, each of the service lines of their company was in jeopardy given the reliance on live, in-person training which requires travel and large gatherings. In particular, they have contractual obligations with 19 healthcare organizations that are worth hundreds of thousands of dollars and they had to meet the deliverables on these contracts.

In response to the pandemic, and the need to deliver effective training in remote, virtual ways, they have proceeded as follows.

Free Quest to Non-Clients to Support the Healthcare Workforce

One of their 9 core Quests for their healthcare clients is focused on building resilience (increasing wellbeing, reducing stress, minimizing change fatigue, etc.) in individuals, teams, and entire organizations. Given the extreme need for these tactics to be available during the pandemic, they’ve made this course free of charge to all healthcare organizations, not just their currently contracted 19 healthcare clients.

Live, In-Person Conferences are Now Virtual via myQuest

Capstone Leadership have transitioned 2-day live public training events to 4 four-hour live virtual events using myQuest. There is a pre-conference Level, each 4-hour live event has an event Mission with Zoom links and a post-event Mission (evaluation, completion certificate, etc.). They are also hosting a post-event live meet-up and that is an additional Level in the Quest. Attendees could also purchase a VIP package which activates the 1:1 coaching feature and they also received a printed workbook and swag package.

Capstone Leadership’s registrations were about the same as their past 2-day events; but their expenses are lower (no venue, food/etc.). They are pleased with the number of registrations given that their audience is healthcare leaders and are obviously preoccupied with responding to a pandemic.

On-Site, In-Person Live Client Training is Virtual and Archived in myQuest

Capstone Leadership transitioned their on-site training services to virtual using myQuest. They have contracts with individual hospitals in which they provide on-site training services. Given the travel ban and inability for healthcare leaders to gather in person in large groups, they have been offering these training sessions via virtual (live or pre-recorded) events. The recordings are archived with any applicable handouts in myQuest. Each client has their own Quest with each Level corresponding to the specific episodes of training that were provided in this manner. Each of their clients is very committed to their organization’s transformation which is the focus of their work with them; they know the value of these trainings that are a required part of this process. As such, Capstone Leadership has been very pleased that while live trainings had to be cancelled, their clients committed to still holding the trainings, just in this new way.

Organized Cohorts of Leaders from Multiple Client Organizations for 9 Quests 

While Capstone Leadership typically works 1:1 with their clients, they brought their many clients together via the Quests by organizing cohorts of leaders from multiple organizations across the country to engage in their core 9 leadership Quests at the same time. These are very comprehensive Quests, and participating in these Quests supports a “train-the-trainer” approach to learning. Capstone Leadership hosted a virtual kick-off event and created a separate team in each Quest for the cohort members to network. They organized cohorts for their nine core Quests over a period of five month (e.g., they initiated new cohorts of enrollees in two different Quests in June, July, August, September and the final Quest has a cohort of enrollees being in October). These were “quieter” months of the on-going pandemic, therefore, they had many healthcare leaders engage in these cohorts. 

Developing a “Virtual” Remote Group Consulting Program in myQuest 

Given that Capstone Leadership’s primary mission is to provide assessment, planning, and execution support for “turnarounds” of faltering healthcare organizations, they’ve analyzed their delivery model for these consulting services to determine how to eliminate (or greatly minimize) the on-site, in-person services while still achieving the track record of amazing (even award-winning!) results of their clients. Their current engagements are 27 month or longer which includes a combination of remote and on-site services. Capstone Leadership is delighted by the advancements of myQuest Learn and myQuest Connect (and eventually Dynamic Coaching) which will allow them to totally change their delivery model to something that is pandemic-proof -- and even more scalable and efficient than their current approach. Healthcare organizations are going to need their services more than ever when they reach the recovery phase of this pandemic. Capstone Leadership will be ready with their new service delivery model via myQuest.

As a company, Capstone Leadership was planning to transition, eventually, to many of the above changes in their company and its delivery of effective training to their clients. They have a pandemic to thank for pushing them to quickly make these improvements. They are also thankful that they had prior experience with myQuest to know the possibilities of how this technology could be modified for so many different uses in the delivery of their services.

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