8 Strategies for Reaching Your Goals

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July 10, 2016
Billy Mike
from myQuest

Struggling to keep motivated long enough to achieve your goals? You are not alone, which is why we have compiled a nifty little list of advice to help keep you on track to achieve your goals! Whatever your objective, here are several simple strategies for sticking to your goals.

1. See the finish line

Picture yourself with a six-pack or sitting in the window office. By visualizing your desired outcome you are actively convincing your subconscious that your goal is attainable. Visualization is also a great way to keep yourself motivated.

2. Get Focused

In order to reach your goals, you have to be focused. In today’s world, with so much going on around us, this can be a difficult task. Remember, when you lead an active lifestyle you are more focused.

A great way to start is by building your confidence with simple movement exercises. Simple movements will help you gain trust within yourself so that you can grow into being a more active person. Get moving! You will have more fun, be more active and create a better life at home, at work, and with friends.

3. Think Long Term 

Instant gratification is the destroyer of goals. You need to change your mindset and focus on the consequences of your actions. Opt for the salad and not the pizza. Turn down a night out so you are rested and productive the next day. Long-term thinking will help keep you constantly moving towards your goal.

4. Fall back on others

Fall back on others

Yes, you are a strong independent flower and you don’t need anybody, however, keeping in touch with a friend or falling back on a community support group will help keep you accountable to your goals. Asking others to keep you in check provides you with the added pressure to succeed.

5. Break it down

Mark Twain once said that “the secret of getting started is breaking your complex overwhelming tasks into small manageable tasks, and starting on the first one.” By breaking down your goal, you are creating small milestones along the way. This makes it easier to keep up the first momentum, increasing the odds of you fulfilling your goal.

6. Give yourself a day off

Day off

Taking a day off can be the key to success. Having something to look forward can help break up the monotony and serve as a motivational refresh. Just make sure that you schedule your “cheat days” in advance to avoid them turning into “cheat weeks”.

7. You Can Do It! 

Personal affirmation is invaluable. Reminding yourself that you are capable of achieving your goals can help keep you on track. Many of the obstacles you face will be mental so make sure you are actively conditioning yourself to succeed.

8. Keep going

Keep going

There will likely be times where you become disillusioned and are unsure if the end goal is worth attaining. This is normal. Just make sure that you persevere. Nothing easy in life is worth striving for.

Goals: What’s your strategy?

We hope our list of strategies is able to help you! At MyQuest, we dedicate ourselves to helping people make their goals by breaking down larger objectives through “quests”. Check us out at www.myquest.co!

Comment below and let us know what goals you are trying to achieve!

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