Defeating Isolation of an Online Classroom through Coaching

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July 10, 2018
Billy Mike
from myQuest

Face to face training is something that everyone is accustomed to and is a familiar environment. However, today more and more business are converting to an online platform. Even though digital training has its challenges, when done right – it can be just as powerful, if not more, than face to face training.

Challenges of Online Coaching

When it comes to online classes, many people feel like there is a lack of interaction among peers and faculty. One of the biggest benefits of a classroom setting is that students are part of each other learning experience, bouncing ideas off of each other and sharing information with one another. Meaningful interactions among students and faculty lead to deeper discussions, developing the training in unexpected directions. Also, the facilitators tend to feel isolated from their students online, making the process much more difficult for everyone involved.

Chalenges of Online Coaching

Also, it is proven that students get much more distracted when studying online versus in person. It is difficult to stay on track when the whole internet world is right there on a new tab. There are so many multitasking opportunities on a different computer screen or a cell phone. It is also important that you find an online platform that will be easy for all students to use as you do not want the actual software hindering your student'a training. Transitioning to an online method changes your priorities and facilitation skills.

Create a Personalized Online Training

In order to create a customized online platform, it is important to create effective ways for the student and trainer to interact. There needs to be a proper way for trainees to converse with other trainees and a practical way for the students to talk to the trainers. It is important for the trainees to be heard and helped. It is also important to find ways to engage with the student even though they are behind a computer screen. Creating online events and attractions will bring students to the online session and increase engagement rates.

Personalized Onine Training

How myQuest Creates Personalized Online Training

myQuest can help your business overcome these digital challenges through its many personalized features. With myQuest, you can deliver the closest experience to 1:1 coaching anytime, on any device. Here's how:

  1. Push Notifications
  • Automated notifications, messages, and reminders based on user progress
  • Send personalized texts, pictures, and videos to students
  1. 1:1 Coaching Mechanisms
  • Students post in MyJournal where each trainer can communicate and see their students’ thoughts and progress on missions
  • 1:1 coaching mechanism allowing the coach to interact with each client individually
  • Tips and directions posted on missions making it more personalized
  1. Community Feature
  • A place for trainees to share pictures, stories, and progress and receive feedback and comments from peers and trainers.
  • Peers can mentor peers in this section
  • Creates a community of participants who support each other, answer questions, and share knowledge
  1. Gamification
  • Rewards and prizes to motivate them to succeed and increase engagement rates
  • Missions are action oriented

myQuest has the ability to take the benefits of a physical classroom and place them behind a screen getting the best of both worlds. myQuest can help you overcome the challenges of online training helping you reach more clients in an effective way.

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