How Chiesi Increases Collaboration & Maximizes Efficiency

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April 28, 2021
Billy Mike
from myQuest

About Chiesi

Chiesi is a global pharmaceutical company based in Italy. Chiesi has 30 affiliates in the world, more than 6,000 total employees, and provides medicines to patients in 90 nations.

How does Chiesi use myQuest?

Chiesi used myQuest when TCO International, a longtime training partner of Chiesi, delivered one of their needed training sessions through myQuest. It was structured within the limits of x3, 90-120 minute VILT workshops across a 4-6 week span. myQuest was used before and after each web based session to provide a safe environment where Chiesis employees could connect informally with each other, create accountability, spot trends and needs for specific challenges that come up for learners, and create a peer pressure of FOMO to enhance buy-in and engagement in the solution and content. 

Prior to using myQuest

  • Employees would not prioritize the completion of their learning activities and as a result would often not complete training programs in their entirety.
  • Chiesi employees had no way to validate the content they were being trained in because they had little or no interaction with their global colleagues as part of a training process.
  • No online mentor or support for any training process or program.
  • Very little interaction or discussion around learning content when training is happening.

Measurable Results from using myQuest

  • More peer to peer feedback happened.
  • Peer to peer encouragement and support occurred more often in the training housed in myQuest than when compared to any training in the past. 
  • This increased collaboration amongst their employees, and as a result  improved their relations with internal and external stakeholders.

What Chiesi employees are saying about their experience using myQuest:

  • “Being relatively new to Chiesi, having started in the middle of COVID it has given me a chance to interact and get to know some of my global colleagues in a more personal way than just in our typical business meetings.  It is difficult to create online training that is interactive but this has been achieved with myQuest.  There is a good amount of personal reflection and time to consider others perceptions through the interactions we have.”

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