How Chiesi Increases Collaboration & Maximizes Efficiency

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April 28, 2021
Billy Mike
from myQuest

Chiesi is a global pharmaceutical company based in Italy. Chiesi has 30 affiliates in the world, more than 6,000 total employees, and provides medicines to patients in 90 nations. TCO International is a training, coaching and consulting company with over 30 years experience, and it has been working closely with Chiesi for the past few years. In rethinking their training for the virtual world, TCO International realized that using the myQuest platform for their work with Chiesi was an opportunity to enhance the value of their programs.

By staying within the limits of 90-120 minutes per web-workshop and the need to guarantee the expected learning outcomes of their face-to-face programs to Chiesi, TCO International started using myQuest to:

  • Build learning journeys of 4-6 weeks with an average of 3 web-workshops intertwined with myQuest before and after each synchronous session
  • Convert some former face-to-face off-the-shelf activities into reflection sequences more closely linked to the single participant’s new challenges
  • Create a safe environment where Chiesi employees could connect informally with each other in the community area 
  • Start building accountability by getting the employees to proactively contact the online mentor around specific challenges 
  • Spot trends and needs emerging from the output from the missions 
  • Use peer pressure to enhance engagement and buy-in on the platform

Some of the training programs Chiesi employees went through were:

  • Global Agility 
  •  Succeeding Across Cultures
  • Alliance Management
  • Vision into Action

By using myQuest on a regular basis, Chiesi employees could:

  1. Manage their time more consciously 
  2. Articulate thoughts more clearly 
  3. Be clearer with their goals and practical change plans 
  4. Become more aware of how to turn intentions into habits 
  5. Encourage peer feedback and encouragement 

The use of the myQuest platform allowed Chiesi to increase collaboration amongst their employees and improve relations with internal and external stakeholders.

One month before the end of the program, testimonials were collected from the participants on their perception of the added value of myQuest. Amongst others, a participant shared that:

“Being relatively new to Chiesi having started in the middle of COVID it has given me a chance to interact and get to know some of my global colleagues in a more personal way than just in our typical business meetings.  It is difficult to create online trainings that are interactive but I think this has been achieved with myQuest.  There is a good amount of personal reflection and time to consider others perceptions through the interactions we have.”

Moreover, when asking ‘what participants would lose by not using myQuest, some answers were:

  1. Without timelines and tasks to complete, employees would not prioritize completing the activities and most likely would not complete the program in its entirety.
  2. We would not get to have the interactions with our global colleagues to have the conversations that validate the content.
  3. Having an online mentor asking probing questions helps to get people to interact while guiding the direction of the discussion to further emphasize the topic.

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