How Clalit Closed Knowledge Gaps & Trained Healthcare Providers

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May 13, 2021
Billy Mike
from myQuest

About Clalit

Clalit is the world's 2nd largest healthcare provider, and the largest of Israel's four health service organizations. It has over 1,600 community clinics, 15 major hospitals, and hundreds of labs and offices. In 2020, Clalit had to train hundreds of physiotherapists who were treating patients with respiratory conditions, including COVID-19, in just one year.

How does Clalit use myQuest?

Clalit used myQuest to convert what used to be a face to face training, into a virtual training. The training they created using myQuest included live synchronous instructor lead zoom sessions, combined with self paced learning that consisted of action steps, quizzes, and follow up questions for each video or learning element. myQuest also allowed them to provide a 1:1 coaching element, so each learner was able to connect directly with his/her facilitator as they were completing the self paced process. This allows the training to be accessible from anytime, anywhere, on any device and for each participant to have a mentor assigned to them and support them throughout.

Prior to using myQuest

  • The training course was six days long and took place only in the training center in person.
  • Physiotherapists had to participate in the training which took place during their work hours, making it hard to juggle their current client load and keep their time profitable.
  • Each training session was limited to 30 physiotherapists only due to size and space limitations.
  • There is only one expert in the organization who is able to deliver the training, and his availability is limited. 
  • Clalit didn't have a learning management system and employees were not able to access the training content from home or on their mobile devices.

Measurable Results from using myQuest

  • Shortened the training from 48 frontal hours to 150 minutes of digital content + one day of practical training.
  • Now the training can be accessed from anywhere, anytime, so Physiotherapists don’t have to sacrifice their income and profitability to attend the training.
  • 100% of the employees who participated in the training completed it successfully. 
  • Among those who completed the training, 70% continued to work in the field of respiratory physiotherapy. 
  • Satisfaction rate of 9.8 out of 10 (used to be 7.5 before using myQuest).
  • High ROI - Clalit saved more than $600,000 by switching to the myQuest platform. 
  • Proven learning effectiveness - The number of respiratory treatments provided by participants increased significantly after the training ended. 
  • The project Clalit launched with myQuest won second place (out of 30) in a digital innovation competition held in the Israeli Learning Technologies Conference.

Clalit’s general feedback:

  • “An amazing platform powered by innovative technology. Learning effectiveness has been super high!”
  • “The experience has been very convenient - I didn’t have to miss work and spend time on the road to attend the training. I was able to revisit the learning materials at any given moment.”
  • “I've never experienced a similar learning journey. A unique combination of frontal and digital learning”
  • “Learners receive 360° support: From the moment of registration and until the training is completed, learners receive personal support from their mentor. By programming the rule engine inside myQuest, they are able to automatically reach out to the learners on behalf of their mentors whenever they need to complete a task or if they’ve disengaged. The messages are also customized for the specific steps they are stuck at, as to create a very personalized nudge.”
  • “All of the theoretical knowledge is delivered via their mobile devices, and learners arrive prepared for the practical training day. It's been a huge change for us and we can’t imagine going back to the way we used to do this.”

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