How Emergence Learning Used myQuest to Help a Manufacturing Giant Save Man-Hours, Reduce Costs, and Improve Quality

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July 12, 2023
Billy Mike
from myQuest

How did Emergence Learning use myQuest with their client?

Emergence Learning used myQuest to deliver its Aspire & Achieve program, a blended learning experience based upon the micro learning principles. The program focuses on three core areas: “Learning Agility”, “Achievement Drive” and “Communication”. It is a 21-week long program with action learning assignments, instructor-led sessions or virtual labs followed by gamified levels and missions, with skill-building exercises and activities.

4 dedicated learning levels with 15 learning missions were created. Each mission had a set of mandatory tasks and activities, such as videos, self reflections, quizzes, assessments, scenario-based questions, feedback and action planning. For each completion, participants were given scores or credits.

Emergence Learning delivered the program in 18 batches to 757 Associate/Deputy Managers across 3 locations and 8 business units.

Prior to using myQuest:

Before using myQuest, Emergence Learning was using emails, surveys, and Whatsapp to support learners on pre and post work during their virtual or live workshops.

Measurable Results from using myQuest:

Emergence Learning’s client was able to achieve set goals and new milestones in terms of cost saving, increase in production, improving efficiency by saving production hours, and instilling a culture of proactive feedback, positive communication, self-reliance, and building new skills through the program.

Below are the key highlights of achieved business results:

  • Production hours saved: 8581:15:00 hours
  • Cost saving: $39.8 Million
  • Production Increased: 1087.698 Metric Ton

With Aspire & Achieve, Emergence Learning and their client were also able to build a proactive feedback culture among Associate/Deputy managers, and were able to achieve the positive feedback that grew by 3X.

General feedback

  • Rating of overall learning experience on MyQuest – 4.41 out of 5
  • Would you recommend this Quest to a friend (Net Promoter Score) – 96.45%
  • Rating of interaction with the mentor through 1:1 coaching feature – 4.32 out of 5
  • Proactive feedback conversations were grown by 3X

“Thank you for organizing this highly productive and wonderful learning platform for us. This definitely will bring a huge transformation in our outlook and the way we work.”

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