Microsoft Teams Training Capabilities to Improve Skills Development

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July 6, 2020

The current situation in the world altered the way every single person went about their daily life. When the world shut down, it changed the way we shopped, took transportation, engaged socially and, perhaps most notably, worked and learned. It is a reality that when companies consider project management - they need to be looking at new possibilities to manage teams due to the pandemic.

The coronavirus has been objectively detrimental to some businesses, like restaurants and retail stores. Conversely, it has positively affected other businesses. Microsoft Teams is an example of a product whose use and popularity has drastically increased since the start of the pandemic. 

Microsoft Teams user popularity skyrockets

Microsoft Teams is a platform that successfully allows businesses to collaborate with up to 10,000 people through private or public chats, online training, video calls, document sharing and more. Microsoft Teams has also come up with many other unique features to help people communicate virtually. 

More than ever, the pandemic has caused a need for communication and collaboration platforms in order for working from home to be successful and efficient. However, Microsoft Teams is also extremely useful for learning- whether it is for a company training or school. All of its features create an at-home learning environment that is beneficial and encouraging for all of its users to complete live online training.

Microsoft Teams, specifically, had such a significant growth in users due to the aforementioned reasons and features. It makes working at home feasible and desirable and overcomes many of the challenges that other communication platforms have yet to solve. 

At a meager three years old, Microsoft Teams already has a usage of over 75 million daily active users. At the start of the pandemic in March, it was at 44 million daily users. This means that Microsoft Teams has seen a 70% increase in usage since March.

The benefits of using Microsoft Teams for training 

It is clear how Microsoft Teams is useful for companies to communicate and collaborate. However, it can also be specifically beneficial when used to train employees. Microsoft Teams can make training more effective in many ways:

  1. Individualized learning: In addition to synchronous learning opportunities like live classes and webinars, there are also features that allow the individual to learn at their own pace. Video calls can be recorded, notes and documents are pinned and easily accessible and people can go back and reread conversations between trainees. Not everyone learns material the same way so this flexibility allows people to reach their full potential when participating in training, whether it be with live instructors or an online learning journey.
  2. Peer to peer sharing: Creating groups encourages people to share their knowledge and discuss the trainings - a vital part of learning. Microsoft Teams overcame the obstacles of communicating online and gives trainees the ability to easily talk with coworkers in various ways. 
  3. Organization: Employers or Human Resource Managers are able to divide their participants based on different categories. They are able to assess their employees efficiently and easily by grouping them into specific categories, like progress, knowledge, workloads, role etc. 
  4. Personalized coaching: Microsoft Teams allows coaches to closely overlook trainings to directly see what team needs more assistance. Having the coaches involved gives the trainees a structured, supportive and collaborative environment for learning. 

The best way to connect your LMS with Microsoft Teams

In order to maximize your employees' work and knowledge, it is important to have your LMS of choice work together with Microsoft Teams. Although each helps your employees separately, uniting the two will be most beneficial for your company.

myQuest Connect integrates your company's LMS with Microsoft Teams and therefore automates the process of training employees. The integration of the two programs is vital in having an effective and successful way for your employees to learn. myQuest Connect brings at-home learning training to the highest level by doing the following: 

  • Delivering LMS content through Microsoft Teams 
  • Creating meaningful discussions and knowledge sharing communities
  • Automatically engaging learners through competitions, reminders, and mentorship programs 
  • Showcasing training ROI to managers through automated reports and analytics 
  • Delivering feedback, coaching and peer mentoring through the communication tool 
  • Encouraging employees to share knowledge with each other 
  • Creating a inclusive learning-centered work culture

Our new tool, myQuest Connect, is a flexible tool that is able to adapt to a singular learner's needs, goals, and performance. It also tracks its users and their progress automatically. Therefore, it enhances any training program by simultaneously helping the people who are overlooking the training and the trainees. The gamified and rewarding features of myQuest Connect also makes it engaging, fun and motivating for every user.

If you want to upgrade your LMS by integrating Microsoft Teams then myQuest Connect is the best solution for your company. Book a one-to-one call on the myQuest website for a demo and more information. 

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