myQuest on the Corporate Vision 2020 Education & Training Awards

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August 19, 2020
Billy Mike
from myQuest

They say that learning lasts a lifetime – and that is certainly a motto that business leaders aim to cultivate in their enterprises should they wish to attain lasting success and constant professional development of their team. Of course the building blocks for later success are nurtured in childhood. Skills, personality, outlook, ethos, drive, hobbies and ambition are all rooted in early life. The role of an educator then, as has so often been reinforced, is utterly fundamental to the fabric of our society. When education faulters, it can have catastrophic ripple effects across generations. Yet, when education is exemplary, it can determine the progression of a nation.

The Education & Training Awards launched by Corporate Vision are meant to spotlight the paragons of education and training. Whether you deliver early years support, or professional training opportunities, Corporate Vision has endeavored to showcase those that have truly come to define the sector that they work in. This year, myQuest is a part of their list.

Awards Coordinator Chloe Smart commented: “From early learning, to adult education, all who make contributions to this vital sector are recognized in the Education and Training program. I am proud to offer all of my winners my congratulations and best wishes for the future.”

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