The Journey Utilized myQuest to Access A Larger Audience

The Journey is a unique company that offers holistic healing, helping people through the journey of self discovery. The Journey was looking for additional ways to get their message out to a wider audience in order to generate more interest and gain more customers. One of their key resources for sharing content is through video and audio clips. myQuest offers the company their own branded app where their audience can access their content anytime, anywhere.

Holistic healing

“myQuest effectively makes The Journey available to millions, in a fun and gamified way, largely expanding our audience and increasing our success.”  - Daniel Wagner, Director of Marketing and Business Development

Key achievements

  • The Journey saw an increase in revenue
  • A new and larger audience was reached
  • Presentations became virtually accessible anywhere


The Journey wished to share their content with the world and propel their communication into the 21st century. They lacked an effective form of communication with their clients beyond solely emails. They desired an app, an easy way to access millions of people all around the world. However, developing their own app was not an option. myQuest offered The Journey a new way to reach more people and give them content with which they can easily engage their audiences.

How the myQuest platform expanded The Journey’s audience

myQuest was exactly what The Journey was looking for, and they knew that the platform would work and be available for use quickly. Without having to waste so much time and money on developing their own app, myQuest did the job for them. The Journey now had a way to access millions of people and share their vision with the world, through their own branded app. The opportunity to build multiple Quests and deliver their training in an interactive and engaging way, gives them endless ways to reach their audience. It is a way for people to keep The Journey method in their pocket.

The Results

The Journey was happy and pleased with the results generated by myQuest’s technology. They have already begun to generate increased revenue. Daniel Wagner, Director of Marketing and Business Development at The Journey, raved about the gamification approach of the platform, allowing The Journey’s clients to be fully engaged and enjoy lasting results from the material they learn. He appreciated the fact that the games really take the app users through the journey and make it seem less intimidating. Features such as levels, rewards, and notifications encourage their learners and keep them engaged. The Journey charges $27 a month for people to have this resource in their pockets.

3 reasons why The Journey swears by myQuest

  1. “New audiences are being reached that we were previously unable to tap into.”
  2. “Audios and meditation techniques  are now easily accessible to all users.”
  3. “In just a few months, we have already seen an increase in revenue.”

About The Journey

The Journey

The Journey is one of the most powerful healing modalities available anywhere, and attracts people of all ages and backgrounds to experience the powerful, tangible and lasting results this work delivers. Essentially they hold many different types of workshops and meetings to help improve physical and mental health. The workshops teach people techniques for meditation and self guided observation. Thanks to myQuest, they have now been able to share these techniques via their new app. For over 20 years, The Journey’s mission has been to bring the powerful, transformational tools of The Journey to people all around the world.

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