How Eran Is Keeping Clients Engaged Over Years Using myQuest

For eleven years, Eran Stern has been helping people build their business and find their purpose. After trying seven to eight different platforms to spread his knowledge and grow his business, he has decided to go with myQuest. Before myQuest, Eran used various membership sites and wish lists. He found it difficult to get everyone to fully engage with the lessons. Today, using myQuest, over 50% of his students have bought a subscription for more than one year, each at a cost of $140 per month.

Keeping Clients Engaged

About Eran

Eran Stern is the founder and CEO of “Outstanding”, and a professional life and business Mentor, motivational speaker, author and entrepreneur. Eran is a certified LifeSuccess consultant and a business partner of Bob Proctor and LifeSuccess Consulting.

“myQuest has helped me overcome challenges I’ve had with my previous systems. I can now quickly see my clients’ progress, if they have any questions, or if they need extra guidance.”

The Challenges

Prior to switching to myQuest, Eran’s biggest challenge was dealing with the lack of engagement amongst his clients. When there isn’t a constant line of communication, people have trouble motivating. He was never sure what was happening with his clients or how they were doing. There was no way to track their progress or answer their questions. Eran’s main goal is to create success for his users. He wanted to find a platform that would be easy to manage and allow him to achieve his main goal. Eran wanted to see his clients devote time to this Quest and connect to him and one another. He also wanted to be able to follow his clients’ progress.

The Solution

myQuest has helped Eran overcome challenges he had with his previous systems. He can now quickly see his clients’ progress, if they have any questions, or if they need extra guidance. Compared to Eran’s old platform, he finds it easier to interact with and help his clients. He has been able to create greater success for his clients. Not only has he gained more followers since using myQuest, but they are also more engaged.

Eran has never used a gamified platform before myQuest. He believes the biggest difference between myQuest and other alternatives is the increased engagement amongst users. Through the game, Eran keeps his followers motivated and excited.

“Since using myQuest, I’ve been able to create greater success for my clients. Not only have I gained more followers, but they are also much more engaged”

The Results

Until myQuest, Eran could not measure his success because there was no way of seeing what his users were doing. There are around 100 people following his Quest. Each subscription is $140 and over 50% of his users bought a subscription for more than one year. He predicts that every year he will get more followers. Eran believes that myQuest is perfect for you if your goal is to build a community around your course. Although there are so many online platforms to choose from, myQuest creates a higher success rate compared to others that he has tried.

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