5 Ways to Boost Knowledge Sharing in the Organization

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August 18, 2021
Billy Mike
from myQuest

5 Ways to Boost Knowledge Sharing in the Organization

Knowledge sharing in the organization is extremely important and crucial for success. Remote workers lack a sense of community and belonging within their company and can feel isolated. This leads to lack of employee motivation, engagement, and productivity. Having an environment where employees can connect with one another builds a productive and engaging community while also improving success rates. The following five ways to boost knowledge sharing in the organization build off of each other to create success.

1. Effective Communication

The organization must create a network for employees to have effective communication in order to share knowledge. Effective communication in the workplace can look many different ways. For example, having a space where employees can ask questions and reach out to more experienced colleagues.

2. Feedback

Feedback is the backbone of effective communication and a leading factor of knowledge sharing. When employees reach out for help it is important for them to receive answers in a timely manner. It is also important for the experienced employees to receive positive recognition for their help. Feedback should be given after each task or question. This act prompts productivity and encourages employers to help each other out.

3. Employee Productivity

Boosting employee productivity, in turn boosts knowledge sharing. Direct feedback and positive recognition promote employee productivity. Another important factor to encourage knowledge sharing is for employees to be reminded of their positive feedback and solutions so that they can incorporate them into their work.

4. Target Goals

Setting community goals within the organization encourages employees to collaborate and be productive in order to attain and reach their goals.  Setting specific goals for tasks motivates employees. Employers can use an employee recognition solution, like Mo, to offer rewards once goals are reached. Nothing motivates a person more than getting something in exchange for their hard work, whether that’s a bonus, free lunch, or time off.

5. Build a Community

Building a community in the organization is ultimately the leading factor to boost knowledge sharing. If you have a strong community then knowledge sharing is much easier to attain, becomes less forced and becomes a natural day to day activity for your organization.

Knowledge sharing is an essential part of any productive organization, and these are five of the best ways to achieve this goal with myQuest Connect. Knowledge sharing is all about communication and teamwork within a company and making sure that everyone is on the same page at all times. These five ways will help your company become efficient, productive and achieve overall knowledge sharing.

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