Exciting Partnership: myQuest Joins Forces with Accredible for Enhanced Learning and Certification Management

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January 30, 2024
Billy Mike
from myQuest

We are thrilled to announce a new partnership that is set to revolutionize the way myQuest customers handle their certification and learning needs. myQuest, known for its innovative learning management system, has now teamed up with Accredible, a leader in digital credentialing solutions. This collaboration is a game-changer for customers who seek a seamless, efficient way to manage their certifications.

myQuest: Highly Engaging Learning Management System

myQuest stands out as an engaging and versatile platform in the realm of online learning. It's designed to foster real, engaged learning experiences that go beyond mere knowledge acquisition. With myQuest, users have the opportunity to create impactful, action-based learning experiences through a variety of features:

  • Action-Based Learning: myQuest's AFT (Action, Feedback, Trigger) learning model is a cornerstone of its approach, emphasizing experiential learning with immediate feedback and continuous engagement.
  • Blended Learning: The platform integrates seamlessly with tools like Zoom for virtual training sessions, combining self-paced online learning with interactive live sessions.
  • Engagement and Community: myQuest supports learner engagement through interactive missions, habit formation, and a vibrant learning community.
  • Integrations and Analytics: The platform offers endless integrations and provides detailed analytics for tracking and improving learner engagement.

Accredible: A New Era of Digital Credentialing

Partnering with Accredible opens up a new horizon for myQuest customers. Accredible is renowned for its digital credentialing services, offering a comprehensive suite of tools to create, issue, and manage digital badges and certificates. This integration means myQuest customers can now:

  • Easily Manage Certifications: Keep track of all certification needs in one place.
  • Renew and Track Credentials: Stay updated with the latest requirements and renewal dates for certifications.
  • Showcase Achievements: Display certifications on professional networks like LinkedIn, enhancing visibility and credibility.

Practical Use Cases of the Partnership

This partnership introduces several practical use cases, further enhancing the learning and certification process:

  1. Professional Development and Certification: Professionals enrolled in courses on myQuest for skill enhancement can now receive digital badges and certificates from Accredible upon course completion. This integration streamlines the process, making it easier for learners to showcase their new skills on professional networks and resumes.
  2. Product Training Certification: For companies offering product training, the myQuest and Accredible integration allows the issuance of digital badges and certificates upon completion. This simplifies the validation of expertise in specific products, making it easier for individuals to showcase their skills on professional profiles and resumes.
  3. Corporate Training Programs: Companies using myQuest for employee training can leverage Accredible's digital credentialing system to issue certifications upon completion of training modules. This not only simplifies the certification process but also adds value to the company’s training programs by providing verifiable credentials to employees.
  4. Continuing Education: For fields that require ongoing education and recertification, myQuest users can take advantage of the integrated system to track their learning progress, renew certifications, and manage continuing education credits, all within a single platform.

By combining myQuest's engaging learning platform with Accredible's robust digital credentialing system, users are set to experience an unparalleled level of convenience and efficiency in managing their learning and certification needs.

For more detailed information about myQuest and its features, visit myQuest's website. To learn more about Accredible and its digital credentialing solutions, check out Accredible's website.

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