Introducing AI Mentoring in myQuest LMS: A Game Changer for Training Programs

Posted on
April 17, 2024
Billy Mike
from myQuest

We’re excited to announce a powerful new feature in myQuest LMS: AI Mentoring! This innovative tool uses artificial intelligence to help provide personalized coaching and feedback in your training programs.

AI Mentoring allows the system to scan all course content, understand it fully, and interact with learners in a personalized way. It generates suggested responses which mentors or coaches can then review, and either use as they are or edit to better fit specific needs. It’s designed to match your specified tone of voice and style, making it a perfect fit for any training environment. The AI Mentor can give tailored feedback on assignments or answer questions learners have throughout the course.

AI Mentoring can transform your training programs by making them more efficient and responsive. It ensures that every learner gets the attention they need to succeed, without overwhelming your training staff.

Benefits of AI Mentoring

  • Scale: Easily provide personalized training to many learners at once.
  • Consistency: Deliver a consistent training experience that aligns with your organizational goals.
  • Efficiency: Free up human instructors to focus on more complex tasks, while the AI handles routine interactions.

Get Started

UsingAI Mentoring in your myQuest LMS account is easy. If you’re already using myQuest, you can start using this feature right away. Not a user yet? Contact us for a demo and see how it works firsthand.

Learn how you can effectively train more learners in less time with myQuest LMS.

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