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September 10, 2021
Billy Mike
from myQuest

Using Zoom for Training

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic - the whole world has gone virtual in order to reach their target audience. This includes managing remote teams, holding meetings, and conducting training online. The reality for many companies, coaches, and trainers is that they have had to switch their face-to-face training sessions into a virtual experience. The way many have achieved this is by using Zoom. This article will explore how to use Zoom for training and how to improve your online training techniques.

Possible Gaps When Training with Zoom Only 

Although Zoom has proved to be the go-to method for hosting a virtual training session or zoom meeting, there are a few areas of concern. 

The below will outline some of the possible challenges and gaps when only using Zoom as an online training tool: 

  1. Price: You only get 40 minutes on the free version if there are 3 participants or more. You would need to upgrade your zoom account to a paid option. 
  2. Learners are Isolated: the rest of the learning journey is very lonely. 
  3. Not a White Label Solution: you can pick a screen for the background on Zoom but during a presentation, you can’t see this. A trainer could add their logo to the presentation slides but this is not your own account. 
  4. Minimal Action: it is challenging for facilitators to ensure that action steps are followed. 
  5. Attention Span: holding a learner’s attention on Zoom for a long period of time can be challenging. Did you know that 26% of Zoom users said they were usually not paying any attention to or engaging in online meetings?
  6. High Administration: Send emails, reminders, book training sessions, send presentations and exercises. Compiling reports is time-consuming. 
  7. Knowledge Retention: learners often forget what they were taught as they are not taking action. 

myQuest as a Blended Learning Solution

myQuest is an online training delivery platform; and guess can still use Zoom as your preferred tool for virtual training sessions

Below are solutions on how using myQuest and integrating with Zoom can be beneficial: 

  1. Blended-Learning Platform: myQuest can offer a solution for blended learning using our training platform. You can have your content, video’s and exercises all in one place. List your action steps for learners to complete and create habits to ensure long-lasting behavior change. We are similar to traditional learning management systems and what these platforms offer but we have created the AFT Model - Action, Feedback, and Trigger in our learning approach. Blended learning means you have a self-paced learning journey online as well as interactive sessions like video conferencing which could be done via Zoom. The good news is you can still use Zoom as your preferred live tool and even still use breakout rooms during a session. 
  2. Quest Meetings Feature: book your physical or live meetings through our new quest meetings feature. Here you can list all the meeting information such as the time, date, reminders, and the address or Zoom link to join a meeting or session. You can also block progress if learners need to attend the Zoom session before being able to progress with their missions. Should a student miss a live session, you could record your zoom video or presentation and then add the recording link into the meeting box. You could still use Zoom features like creating Zoom rooms during your session. 
  3. Support and Feedback: managers or trainers can download reports/analytics in real time to stay on track of your participant’s progress and answers during their online course. Track your ROI. 
  4. Coaching/Buddy Feature: should there be any questions during the learning journey - participants are not alone. They can reach out to their coach or buddy and feel connected. 
  5. Simplified Process: worksheets, activities, content, live sessions and workbooks all in one platform. 
  6. Learners are Engaged: Learners can do missions in bite-size portions for different subject matter during training courses to hold their attention span and gain a quick sense of achievement. Using the AFT Model assists with knowledge retention as they “learn by doing”. 
  7. Less Administration: no need to try to email all content and send reminders. The system does all of this for you. 
  8. White Label: myQuest is a white label solution - choose your background theme and add your branding to your training program. You can also create landing pages for each course. 
  9. Learning Community: we have a platform to create collaboration and engagement. Keep in touch with your trainees and have them interact and support each other. Learners will be notified whenever you post something to the community, and whenever one of their peers replies to their posts. Participants can upload videos, audios, pictures, and documents to their community/team/cohort.  
  10. Push Notifications / Triggers: interact with trainees effectively by sending automated messages and push notifications based on progress. It’s the closest you can get to providing a 1-1 training experience to thousands of people.
  11. Gamification: use the power of games to incentivize learners to make progress. Trainees will complete Missions, unlock Levels, earn points, and win prizes.
  12. Easy-to-use Quest Builder: creating courses is easy with our simple builder - no technical skills needed. In less than one week you can get your own digital product.

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