What Are Your Chances to Lose Weight This New Year?

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January 16, 2017
Billy Mike
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Weight-loss is a popular New Year’s resolution.

However… a New Year’s resolution for keeping weight off can become a sad disappointment.

You say to yourself that this time you’re going to stick to the diet.

Simple enough.



You’ll indulge in a fad diet, and not eat.

You’ll go off the diet and overeat only to end up heavier than before.

Diets don’t last.

But, keep reading…

Change Your Habits, Change Your Lifestyle


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“For me, I really want to do something that is a lifestyle, because in the past, I’ve been known to yo-yo diet.” –Jessica Simpson

You can’t wake up one morning and be automatically programmed to change.

We all have our habits, but according to James Clear, Author of The Habits Guide: How to Build Good Habits and Break Bad Ones, you can break a habit with a good one.

“Permanent weight loss doesn’t come with an on and off switch. It is not something you do for a little while and think it is going to change your body.” –Jennifer Hudson

It’s time to focus on nutrition and hydration.

“Food is addicting.

Do not consume sugary snacks.

Whenever you indulge in sugar, the brain makes endorphins that will lead to being dependent on sugar-laced snacks. Lay off the candy bars. You need to replace bad habits with healthy habits. Do not eat a cookie just because it is there. And while you’re at it, reach for a grape instead of a cookie.”

If you want to stay fit, trim and healthy you’ll have to adapt to the 5 pillars of weight-loss to keep it off – adequate nutrition, hydration, movement, stress relief and adequate sleep.

Pillar 1 – Your body needs an adequate amount of NUTRITION.

Charles Barkley
‍ Charles Barkley with Celebrity Weight-Loss Coach Liz Josefsberg
There’s no excuse for me being 100 pounds overweight. That’s just me being lazy. I only ate rice, corn and potatoes, which are clearly starches. People don’t get fat eating fruits and vegetables.” –Charles Barkley
  • Have lean meats, and fruits and vegetables instead of potatoes and pasta.
  • Drink caffeine in moderation – although too much leads to dehydration, the right amount is a good metabolizer.
  • Develop a good intake of fiber. If you are itching for some French fries mid–afternoon, have a glass of hot water, chew gum or brush your teeth.
  • Eat five or six meals smaller meals a day – it’s more beneficial than three meals a day.

You’re technically eating the same amount, but the cravings will not be as severe. They’ll be less of the urge to overeat. If you habitually stick to smaller portions, your blood sugar levels will be balanced and in harmony.

Pillar 2 – Your body needs to be HYDRATED

‍Drink water whether you’re thirsty or not. Better yet, have hot water. It will trick the body into thinking it is full.

Pillar 3 – Your body needs to be kept in MOTION



  • Jog, walk and run instead of drive.
  • Jump up and down.
  • Run up and down the stairs a few times.
  • Exercise your mouth by chewing each portion slowly. Use chopsticks instead of a fork.

Have a meal with someone else. If you have a meal companion, you’ll be less likely to gobble something down within five minutes.

Pillar 4 – Your body needs to be free of STRESS

When you eat for no reason, you are usually stressed.

Do you have a math test? Are you eating because you’re bored? Did something awful happen at work? Are you experiencing a break-up?

If you are able to acknowledge that you’re stressed or agitated, the craving will disappear once you’re aware of it.

Pillar 5 – Your body needs SLEEP


“Sleep is very underrated. I love to sleep and try to make sure I’m getting enough. Ideally, it’s eight hours but I could sleep 10.” –Katie Couric

Sleep is crucial.

Sleep is beneficial for the body mind and spirit. You’ll have an easier time resisting food if you sleep for eight hours as opposed to four hours.

The longer you decide to stay up, the more you’ll desire a larger food intake. If you sleep less than eight hours a night, food cravings occur.

If your body is low on serotonin you’ll have issues with sleep.

Lack of sleep leads to decreases in the hormone leptin which halts hunger and increases in Ghrelin, the “hunger hormone”, which triggers hunger.

Close your eyes and meditate, but don’t count sheep. Sleep may occur if you do not push for it.

Today’s New Year’s Resolution, Tomorrow’s New You

So there you have the 5 pillars to keep the weight off. You should also reward yourself for sticking with this plan. Go to the movies, buy yourself an outfit. Heck, donate to a charity.

You have the potential for support and scientific data to keep the weight off. You will finally be able to stick to that New Year’s resolution.

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