Liz's Clients Are Declaring Their Successes on a Daily Basis

Liz Josefsberg has been in the weight loss business for over 15 years. She has worked with celebrities like Jennifer Hudson, Jessica Simpson, and Charles Barkley. Before myQuest, Liz has been using one-on-one coaching techniques, Skype, and private Facebook groups to reach her clients. She had trouble fully connecting with her followers, and faced technological problems that kept her from doing what she loves: coaching. Today, Liz charges $20 a month for her services and has a large following.

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About Liz

Liz has devoted her life to helping people lose weight and feel comfortable in their own bodies. She worked for the company Weight-Watchers for 11 years, until she left to start her endeavors as a weight loss specialist. Liz Josefsberg has been perfecting the weight loss technique from not just research, but experience, which has given her a new perspective that she wants to share with the world. She is constantly researching and improving on new weight loss methods and is considered one of Hollywood’s biggest weight-loss coaches.

“Since working with myQuest, I have seen great results. Not only are my clients succeeding in their goal to lose weight, but they are actually enjoying themselves!”

The Challenges

With Liz’s previous systems, there was a lack of consistent messaging. She found it difficult to fully connect with her clients. For example, the Facebook groups had too much going on and her clients would often get distracted. Her previous systems were disorganized and hard to use. There was no way of knowing how her followers were doing or if they needed help. With weight loss, many people need a personal touch. Liz was unable to provide that personal touch with her previous platforms. She needed a community and constant interaction to provide the personal touch.

The Solution

The ease and simplicity of the myQuest platform for both Liz’s use and her followers attracted her to this system. Liz was ready for it to be complicated because all technology these days tends to be. She instead felt the complete opposite with myQuest and commented, “Really this is all I do?! There is so much support from the myQuest team, the setup process is very manageable, and it is easy to make changes to your Quest”. With myQuest, Liz creates a very personal experience for her users. She likes that her users know it is her rather than just a computer screen.

“The app gives me the ability to reach my clients in just a few minutes. While drinking my morning coffee, I am able to interact with my followers through commenting and replying on their posts in the Quest community.”

The myQuest app gives Liz the ability to reach her clients in just a few minutes. While drinking her morning coffee, Liz is able to interact with her followers through commenting and replying on her mobile app. This creates a direct line of communication where she can see frequent problems in real time and fix them. Similarly, followers can go on their app and post to the community or complete a mission whenever they want. Liz also admires the nice community she is able to establish with myQuest. Not only is she teaching people through the community, but they are teaching each other. Liz finds it very easy to be a successful leader with myQuest.

“There is so much support from the myQuest team, the setup process is very managable, and it is easy to make changes to your Quest”

The Results

With Liz’s earlier coaching techniques, she was unable to measure the success of her customers. Since starting myQuest, Liz has seen great results. Liz’s followers are understanding weight loss in a new light. Not only are they succeeding in their goal to lose weight but they are actually enjoying themselves. Liz has seen the power of community help individuals lose weight and not gain it back. On a daily basis, clients are declaring their successes. Liz charges $20 a month. When asked if Liz would recommend myQuest to a friend or colleague she answers with “It’s a no brainer! myQuest allows you to do what you love.”

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