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July 5, 2016
Billy Mike
from myQuest

Have you ever gone on a quest? Wanted to make a change for the better? Do something meaningful for yourself, for others, for your community, for the world?

MyQuest has partnered with world leaders, experts, and influencers, to create unique Quests, to help you reach your goals through a community-based, fun platform. MyQuest is all about community. Together we help each other play, succeed, and make a change for the better. It is a fun, motivating, engaging platform.

The MyQuest Goal

MyQuest helps you achieve your goals, while enjoying your journey. We combine expert guidance, a supportive community, and an engaging platform, to provide you with a fun way to track progress community-based objectives.

MyQuest Expert Guidance

Every quest on MyQuest is designed by an expert in their respective field.

We have chosen our experts carefully to ensure you are receiving guidance from the industry’s best. These experts are available every step of the way and strive to help keep you motivated on your journey. 

Play, Succeed, Make a Change

My Quest is not to save the world, nor to save the princess in distress. Simply, I’m on a quest to be  a better person. Edan Kertis Co-Founder and CEO MyQuest

The MyQuest platform takes an innovative approach to traditional goal setting. It is our mission to make sure that you achieve your objectives and at the same time enjoy the process! Have fun!  

Each quest is curated by an industry expert who is passionate about helping others succeed.  Honestly, we have searched through hundreds of mentors to find the best fit! The amazing mentors onboard are super passionate and ready to help you and answer you questions along the way. Once you understand the task you can complete your quests on your own time. MyQuest then tracks your progress and provides an outline of all the steps.

Fun and Challenging

Have you ever wanted to lose 5 pounds, run 10 miles, quit smoking or live a healthier life?

Our quests are challenging but we also want you to enjoy yourself. We have exciting Quests in the pipeline and will be going live…. soon, from doing the perfect handstand, going vegan, detox, acro-dancing, to perfecting your morning routine and more.  By providing a variety of  Quests, of varying difficulty and goals, we, the MyQuest team are on a quest to help you change your “you”!   What’s your Quest?

Join us

Try MyQuest out today and start striving to be a better you.

Check out our Quests here!

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