Webinar: Designing Engaging Leadership Programs for Next-Generation Leaders

Posted on
May 1, 2024
Billy Mike
from myQuest

In this engaging webinar, co-hosted by Samuel Robinson, Partnerships Director at myQuest, and Rachel Schell, acclaimed Founder of Emerging Leaders in L&D, we explore pivotal topics in leadership development. Watch the recording to gain valuable insights and actionable strategies:

  • Understanding Next-Generation Leaders: Delve into the unique qualities and aspirations of today's emerging leaders and learn how they navigate the rapidly evolving business landscape.
  • The Leadership Development Ecosystem Model: Discover our comprehensive framework designed to create impactful leadership programs that resonate with modern challenges.
  • Key Components of Engaging Leadership Programs: Examine the crucial elements necessary for developing effective leadership training, with a focus on practical application and essential skills.
  • Instructional Design Strategies: Uncover practical strategies to design leadership programs that effectively meet specific organizational goals, utilizing the most appropriate tools and methods.of leaders.

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