eBook: How to Deliver Learning Effectively in the Flow of Work

Posted on
April 4, 2021
Billy Mike
from myQuest

These days, most companies see learning as an event that is completely separate from work. 

The 70-20-10 Model shows us that learning is most effective when it’s delivered in the flow of work. However, most companies invest most of their resources in formal and structured learning.

This type of learning makes employees look at learning as a process that is separate from their daily work, and even worse – as something that distracts them and negatively affects their productivity. 

In order to create real impact, organizations must dedicate more resources to on-the-job learning, as this is the most effective way to  translate learning into real business outcomes.

In this eBook, you will learn how to deliver learning in the flow of work and create a true learning ecosystem in your organization. 

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