Case Study: Implementing myQuest for EMDR Training and Support

About EMDR Consulting

Founded by Roy Kiessling, a Master EMDR Trainer, EMDR Consulting is dedicated to offering inclusive, affordable EMDRIA Approved EMDR basic training. Their mission focuses on honoring diversity, acknowledging differences, and celebrating the common goal of integrating EMDR into clinical practice. EMDR Consulting stands out for its commitment to providing quality training that caters to a wide range of clinicians, emphasizing the practical integration of EMDR therapy into their practice.

How EMDR Consulting Uses myQuest

EMDR Consulting embraced myQuest to facilitate the transition from in-person to online training. The platform allowed for the creation of engaging missions, mini-lectures, and quizzes, ensuring continued learning and participant engagement. Through myQuest, EMDR Consulting offered trainees ongoing access to training materials, reinforcing long-term learning and professional support.

Prior to Using myQuest

Before implementing myQuest, EMDR Consulting predominantly conducted its training sessions in person. The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic posed a significant challenge to this model, requiring a swift and effective shift to an online training environment while preserving the quality and engagement of their programs.

Hesitations When Considering myQuest

Initially, there were reservations about integrating a learning management system like myQuest into EMDR Consulting’s traditional training methodology. Concerns centered around maintaining high levels of engagement in a virtual setting and ensuring effective retention of the training content.

Measurable Results from Using myQuest

  • Enhanced Engagement: Clinicians experienced a smoother transition to online learning, aided by pre-training content that familiarized them with core EMDR concepts.
  • Improved Knowledge Retention: The structure of myQuest's missions and quizzes significantly enhanced the retention rate of the training material.
  • Streamlined Training Process: myQuest's platform has allowed for a more streamlined and efficient training process, leading to better time management and resource utilization for both trainers and clinicians.

General Feedback

EMDR Consulting's experience with integrating myQuest into their program has been very positive. They found it easy to use and beneficial for ongoing learning in EMDR therapy. The platform also helped in creating a strong sense of community among clinicians, adding value to their professional development. This feedback highlights myQuest as a useful tool for both enhancing training and supporting a collaborative educational atmosphere.

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