5 Running Blogs Every Runner Needs to Be Following

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August 18, 2016
Billy Mike
from myQuest

Whether you are looking for inspiration, running advice, or a good runner’s read, here is our list of the must-follow running blogs.

Following a running blog is a great way to keep you focused on your goals and educated on how to improve.

We came up with a list of 6 blogs we found that will help you advance your running skills.

We have chosen blogs dedicated to improving technique, while others are anecdotal posts from dedicated runners.

Regardless of what you are looking for, you can’t go wrong with any of these running blogs.

Top Running Blogs

  1. Competitor Running (www.running.competitor.com)

Competitor Running (CR) is a great tool for runners of any level.

In addition to the blog, CR also provides training plans, diet plans, injury prevention information, and product buying guides.

Their blog covers any news related to runners, running, and general information.

This blog is awesome, packed with rich content to bring you closer to your athletic goals.

  1. Ask Lauren Fleshman (http://asklaurenfleshman.com)

Lauren Fleshman is a professional runner who has won state championships, NCAA titles, USA Championships and finished as high as 7th in the World.

Lauren’s blog is an interesting read that focuses on the running community and her life as a professional athlete.

This blog is really something. It gives an insider’s view of what being a professional athlete feels like, along with tips and suggestions.

A must follow for any aspiring pro.

  1. Mile Posts (http://www.mile-posts.com)

Dorothy Bell authors the Mile Posts blog.

Dorothy is a USATF-certified coach who has ran 31 marathons.

Mile Posts provides insight on everything related to running, racing, marathons, fitness, and healthy living.

She writes about very real things that everyone can relate to.

This blog shows that even athletes struggle and it gives perspective as to how you can reach your goals.

A great blog that is accessible to runners of any level.

  1. Science of Running (http://scienceofrunning.com)

Science of Running by Steve Magness, a world-renowned performance coach.

Steve currently serves as a coach to close to 20 professional runners and is the Head Cross Country coach at the University of Houston.

Steve offers invaluable insight for any runner looking to improve their performance and achieve peak physical condition.


  1. Strength Running (http://strengthrunning.com/blog)

Strength Running created by Jason Fitzgerald, a USATF-certified coach and author of a bestselling book on running.

Strength Running focuses on helping runners get faster, stronger, and healthier.

SR has over 200,000 readers every month and tens of thousands have accomplished their running goals through their coaching programs.

This blog is a must follow for any dedicated runner.

Read and explore!

With the help of these running blogs, you can start running at your pace and find your place within the running world.

Make sure to check out the running blogs that appealed to you! These blogs will provide you with the motivation and inspiration to take your running to the next level.

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Comment below and let us know if you think our list is missing any names!

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