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June 27, 2018
Billy Mike
from myQuest

Strengthen your training by creating a community for your clients around your brand

Do your learners interact with each other, build off of each other’s successes and support each other through challenges related to their tasks at hand? If not, perhaps they are lacking a sense of community. A community provides all of these key elements and more, enabling each learner to gain so much more than physically attending your training sessions.

An essential part of generating brand awareness is creating a strong community comprised of your learners. Building a community founded upon your brand’s values can help strengthen your training and drive participant engagement. When there’s a strong community vibe between your learners, people are engaged and are encouraged to use their voices to express some of their hurdles along the way and to articulate how they overcame them by completing their given tasks. It allows people to share their challenges and work together to fix and modify them. A community creates an environment for people to feel belonged and to motivate one another through the training course.

Community extends far beyond the confines of the classroom and beyond the course duration. Therefore, once this community with your clients is built, it is essential that it is maintained. The most crucial time to maintain this sense of community is when people are feeling discouraged with their training. When someone builds a solid connection with people in the same shoes,  a sort of “safe space” is created for people to encourage each other. Especially if attendees participate in the training online rather than in person, they may feel isolated.

3 Ways to  Build a Community For Your Learners Using myQuest

  1. Community features will create an interactive online community

Through push notifications and automated messages, the community feature keeps the trainees or students updated where facilitators can easily inform their customers. Students are notified whenever a facilitator has posted something or when a reply is written to a post. Push notifications are also sent to update students on their progress making the experience as personalized as possible. This feature allows for a type of open door policy online encouraging people to share their experiences and missions, comment on each others progress, and ask questions in their quests. myQuest aslo creates channels for customers to interact with each other.

  1. Sharing Employee bios will improve teamwork

No matter how big or how small your group of trainees are, knowing each others stories and backgrounds will allow you to thrive together. It will foster a stronger sense of community since it will give people the opportunity to bond over their similar backgrounds and interests. myQuest gives your customers the opportunity to communicate with each other all around the world.

  1. Using gamification features will encourage trainees to excel

myQuest offers a gamification feature which will incentivise your students to achieve new tasks and work together. This encourages people to complete their missions to earn points and unlock new levels.

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