Everything You Need to Energize Your Day

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July 27, 2016
Billy Mike
from myQuest

Are you tired of being drowsy at work? Use these essential tips to give you the energy boost you need! Isn’t it time that you energize your day?

By following these five steps, we promise you can increase your energy and become a more effective person. 


  • Exercise helps fight fatigue and boosts your energy levels. Use your lunch break productively and fit in some physical activity. You can attend a quick workout class, hit the gym, or walk around the block a few times. Regardless of how you choose to exert yourself, you will feel more alert, productive and energize your day.
Your first ritual that you do during the day is the highest leveraged ritual, by far, because it has the effect of setting your mind, and setting the context, for the rest of your day. –  Eben Pagan

Get a Good Night’s Sleep

  • Getting a good sleep will make a huge difference in your energy levels the next day. In order to ensure that you are getting a restful sleep, you need to have a regular sleep schedule. You also need to limit the amount of alcohol, nicotine, and caffeine you consume prior to going to bed.
  • Alcohol may make it easier to fall asleep but will severely hinder your quality of sleep.
  • You should also be cutting out electronic stimulation, including your phone, computer, and TV, at least two hours before you head to sleep. Dimming the lights prior to going to bed is also an effective means of preparing your body for sleep.

Eat Right

  • Diet is easily one of the most important means of maintaining your energy but the importance cannot be stressed enough. Throughout your day, avoid sugary and unhealthy foods, as they will provide you with a brief spike in energy levels and then an immediate crash.
  • Breakfast: Make sure you are starting your day off with a healthy breakfast. In addition to keeping you energized throughout the day, eating breakfast has been found to improve your mood
  • Lunch: For a maximum energy lunch, Cynthia Sass, a registered New York dietician, recommends combining: a whole grain + lean protein + a fruit or veggie + plant-based fat + herb/spice.
  • Snacks: Snacking between meals is also a good way to maintain energy, just make sure the snack is healthy. Peanut butter and whole-grain crackers, dried fruits and nuts, and whole-grain crackers and hummus are a few examples of good options.
Every morning we are born again. What we do today is what matters most. – Buddha

Move Around

  • Sitting all day is bound to make anyone groggy. If there is a standing desk or counter you can work at, alternate between sitting and standing. Otherwise, take walks to the water cooler or around the office.
Whether the day is for writing, designing, or painting, the consistent practice of a morning routine is the doorway into it all. – Elle Luna

Take a Power Nap

  • If you can get away with it, taking a 15-20 minute nap can act as a system reboot. If you find yourself feeling drowsy, a quick nap can improve alertness and increase your motor function. Setting an alarm and putting your head down for a few minutes can leave you feeling rejuvenated for the rest of the day.
It is a common experience that a problem difficult at night is resolved in the morning after the committee of sleep has worked on it. – John Steinbeck

Now, Energize Your Day – Go! 

In order to accomplish your goals and be your best self, staying energized throughout the day is essential to your performance. Are you ready to get step by step guidance by the morning routine expert? Start your Quest towards sweet mornings and awesome days today. 

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