Four Different Facets of the eLearning Industry

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November 1, 2022
Billy Mike
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Four Different Facets of the eLearning Industry

Online learning, or eLearning, is on the rise as technology and education have been integrated to teach people new skills they need to succeed. According to a recent survey, more than 30% of American students are enrolled in at least one online course as of 2022. What started as a safe and viable option for education became a popular method of learning that is convenient, time efficient, and cost-effective compared to traditional methods.

Indeed, eLearning is now a normal part of education, with people enrolled informal schools and higher education through virtual platforms. While these are usually the most common eLearning sectors, it is also an emerging method for learning different skills and improving personal hobbies in a less formal setting. Here are some examples:

1. Online Novel Writing

According to BusinessWire, the publishing market is expected to increase by $19.2 billion within the next four years. This has caused an explosion in the novel writing industry, thus, eLearning tools have flooded the internet. Those wanting to pick up some eLearning novel writing courses have a plethora of methods to choose from: videos, recorded lessons, written lessons, and coursework, among others. Some courses are free, like on YouTube, and others with specialized topics may require a nominal fee. There are also novel writing courses with online tests to improve creative writing skills and certifications once the course is completed. Depending on how much (or little) a person wants to invest, there’s an eLearning course online for every type of writer. Online Training Platforms, like myQuest, that foster an environment for eLearning, even have international authors creating courses about this and on their book topics.

2. Online Poker Courses

The poker industry is booming once again, with millions of players joining in on online cardrooms and apps to play. As a result, the demand to master the basics and learn poker strategies has risen. Through eLearning, there are now a lot of online resources to pick up the skills needed to dominate the felt. There is a range of free strategy tips on that explains everything from the basics to the wider jargon. There’s even a complete guide to poker hand nicknames and the stories behind each one. Also, there are courses online that charge a fee, like Daniel Negreanu’s Masterclass, which teaches how to build a solid poker foundation. With the many courses available, enrolling in one of these will surely enhance your poker skills.

3. Online Piano Lessons

When someone thinks of learning how to play a musical instrument, what typically comes to mind is the traditional in-person lessons. Technology has changed this, and learning how to play the piano can now be done remotely through eLearning. There are a number of resources to choose from, and looks into several of the best online piano courses. For example, Piano Lessons on the Web is a website that offers different courses ranging from $39.99 up to $189.99. Each course is taught by Teacher Tim, who specializes in teaching beginner pianists’ simple exercises for learning the basics of how to play the piano, as well as music theory. Aspiring pianists can achieve their dreams from the convenience of their own homes and at their own pace.

4. Online Public Speaking

Those who wish to improve their communication skills can take on online public speaking courses via eLearning. Public speaking is usually a feared form of communication, but by enrolling in these courses, people will learn how to calm down and use their body language and voice to become effective communicators. One popular course offered online is VitualSpeech – a platform that integrates traditional tutorial videos with virtual reality (VR). This technology gives its students the opportunity to practice giving speeches in an immersive and realistic life-like setting. The course is a little expensive - $200, but there is an option for a $45 monthly subscription.

5. Online Reading Lessons

In the realm of eLearning, platforms focusing on children's reading skills and literacy development are gaining prominence. A notable example is LUCA, a reading fluency and proficiency platform. The platform helps children improve reading skills and take personalized reading to the next level by analyzing children's interests, creating custom stories, and making reading more interesting and engaging. You can explore kids' words with each letter with LUCA which takes into account the letters of the alphabet and tailors the reading content based on words that start with each letter. This feature not only reinforces the connection between letters and their sounds but also introduces children to a variety of words associated with each letter.

Life is a long journey of learning. As formal education is important, so are skills and hobbies. With technology, skills and hobbies can be improved and practiced with the convenience that the eLearning industry offers. We hope you’ve enjoyed learning a bit more about eLearning, and for more articles like this one, please check out our piece on How to Overcome The Challenges of Online Learning and Training.

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