How can you keep employees engaged with online learning under Covid restrictions?

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March 25, 2022
Billy Mike
from myQuest

Online learning is one of the most powerful tools and course content for training your remote employees and can be a great solution to keep them engaged with new content. But what do you do when your company has Covid restrictions? You need a way to provide information to your team while they're on the go and working remotely. Here are some unique ways that you can keep your employees engaged with online learning management systems (lms).

Embracing the holidays to keep your employees excited

One way to keep employers and employees excited and engaged during Covid restrictions is to embrace the holidays. While most people are used to celebrating Christmas or Thanksgiving, other holidays can be just as appealing. For example, Easter is a great time to bring excitement into the workplace and there are many unique easter gifts to buy for your coworkers! From gift cards to their favorite restaurants, or gift baskets full of chocolaty treats, there is something for everyone. You will find it's easy to make everyone happy and more enthusiastic about the day when the holidays are involved. Using holiday-themed decorations to lighten the mood is another great idea, even if you're just decorating the area that is visible for a video call during training. Holidays are a wonderful way to bring your coworkers together during an uncertain time or even for long terms and will only strengthen your team.

Creating a strong sense of community with your coworkers

One way to create a sense of community when you’re not in a traditional office, is by using group activities during online course training and effective course creation. This can be something as simple as having everyone answer a question together, or even playing games. You could also try setting up a discussion forum where employees can chat with each other about the content they’re learning remotely while they’re working from home. This will help them to feel more connected to their coworkers and will make the training process more enjoyable, even if you’re not face to face. Feeling like you are in some way connected to your co-workers is helpful because nobody wants to feel disconnected and distant especially when you're communicating over screens. Making sure that your team feels important, connected, and heard is vital when keeping your employees engaged during this distant time.

Checking on employees during a big work change 

With Covid-19 causing so many people to work remotely, it is important for employers to make sure their employees are okay with the change. There are a few things that employers can do to make the transition easier for their employees. The first thing is to be understanding if someone is struggling with the change. It may take some time for employees to get used to working remotely, and that is okay. Secondly, employers should make sure that their employees are staying connected. This can be done by having regular check-ins with employees. Showing your employees that you are invested and focused on their happiness will also help their level of engagement. Teamwork and checking in on each other are very important things to keep in mind.

Working remotely during this uncertain time can take a toll on your mental health, and while other’s mental health is not your responsibility, it is important to check in on others. So if you notice a coworker being less responsive, disengaged, and overall out of character, don’t hesitate to reach out. Chances are they are feeling disconnected and need to feel a sense of reconnection in the workspace. It is very common to feel this way, especially if you’re not seeing your coworkers' faces on screen everyday. Online learning can become a stressful place if not navigated correctly, but as long as you are communicating with your team and creating new ways to stay engaged, give feedback and be excited about your work you will stay on the right track.

Making unique learning modules

Another way to keep employees engaged with online learning is by making unique learning modules and create courses that help with professional development. This could be something as simple as adding interesting graphics or videos to the content. You could also try different methods of learning, such as using quizzes or interactive activities. If you're feeling creative, you could even make a game out of the material!  This will help employees to feel like they are not just simply reading the information, but that they are actively engaged in the process of learning. When employees feel like they are an active part of their learning, they are more likely to retain the information and be more interested in future modules.

Using humor to lighten the workspace tension

Finally, one of the best ways to keep employees involved when they’re fully remote is with online learning is by using humor. This could be something as simple as adding a funny video or meme to the training material. You could also try including jokes or funny stories about the topic you are discussing. This will help to lighten the mood and make the training process more enjoyable. Humor is a great way to connect with your coworkers and can be a significantly powerful tool when it comes to keeping employees engaged.

There are many unique ways that you can keep your employees engaged with online learning during the Covid-19 pandemic and restrictions. From embracing the holidays, to creating a sense of community in regards to the different work environments, to using unique learning modules, and even using humor to lighten the workspace, there is something for everyone

Also, providing online training platforms for employees is an important way to keep them engaged during Covid restrictions. Managers should choose a platform that is easy to use and that employees are familiar with. myQuest is a great choice for online training platforms because it is both easy to use and familiar to employees. Don't be afraid to get creative and find what works best for your team in an office space or for remote workers!

by Leanna Todd

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