How Hubtek Used myQuest to Acquire New Business Growth and Save time

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March 11, 2021
Billy Mike
from myQuest

About Hubtek:

Hubtek is a tech-enabled talent, training and automation solutions provider for Transportation Companies. Through their co-managed talent, intelligent automation and training platform, they allow companies to optimize their processes, accelerate their growth and boost their positioning in the marketplace.

How does Hubtek use myQuest?

Hubtek uses myQuest to create specific paths for specific topics of their industry in order to support training their clients, as well as their employees. So new hires of Hubtek can navigate the entire platform and have access to all their training, or just get the specifics based on each company's needs and at the same time. Their clients can also access and customize content specific to their needs and add additional onboarding information for their company.

Prior to using myQuest:

  • Using their own LMS solution that made them feel their content was disorganized and wasn’t easily managed.
  • 6 months before their customers reached a breakeven point with their investment in Hubtek.

Hesitations that came up when considering signing up for myQuest:

  • One of their biggest hesitations was if they could build effective learning and training using something like myQuest, because they didn’t have anyone on staff with this expertise.

Measurable Results from using myQuest:

  • It now takes our customers 4-5 months to get into a breakeven point with their investment in buying Hubtek services; up to 2 months faster.
  • They achieved better training outcomes. The learners (employees) are better prepared to perform in their role because of role specific training and easy access to content.
  • Boosted employee activity with a better understanding of the employers expectations.
  • It increased their revenue by increasing their sales
  • 15% increase in new business generated by the solution
  • 40k extra in revenue each month as a starting point for using myQuest and has increased since.
  • They were able to produce effective and user friendly training without needing to hire a learning or training expert or an instructional designer.

Hubtek’s General Feedback:

  • “Anybody who delivers training could benefit from using myQuest.”
  • “At Hubtek we can’t stress enough the importance of ongoing employee training as a key to our ongoing business success, and myQuest has simplified this for us because it allows training delivery in a simple pathway, customized for each of the clients we work with”
  • “Our team is spending less time having to manage the delivery of the training and the construction/management of content.”
  • “It provides easy access to learners working at the office or remotely”
  • “By providing this better training we have been able to put together on MyQuest our customers' ROI is being received faster than before.”

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